Thursday, December 23, 2010

More Family Matters

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  1. you’re a little bit too heavy for that pole don’t you think, sarah?

  2. Mom win.
    The little girl is cute: “Om nom nom mommy acting like a monkey again, except this time without a strange man.”

    Charlene, you dug your own grave. Now go lie in it, and sleep, you nasty dog.

    Frodo’s Pool. Yes, I have been able to speak all along.

  3. Damnit! Just missed it.

  4. *faux evil mandark laugh at keona*

  5. “I eat poo” — wtf?

    Dunno anti, she doesn’t look all that heavy – could be a persepctive thing though.

    Malachi, really. He’s getting back at you for getting saddled with that name.

  6. Defective User With Smoothy Buns

    When the kid’s right, the kid’s right. Don’t punish your kid for knowing the importance of rubbers.

  7. I wonder if Malachi is mullato

  8. @antixmas: I’ve heard that poledancing is a pretty good workout. Maybe she’s been getting thinner? (not that she looks very big anyway) Anyway, if she’s strong enough to hold herself up like that I don’t think her size is an issue.

  9. That girl is brave to stand there calmly and take a photo while that silverback is putting on an aggressive display.

  10. @9

    LMFAO!!!!! Come on….she’s really not that big.

  11. @5 – That’s like my favorite boy’s name. 🙁

  12. Wait, why is her size an issue? She’s not big, in the least. For fuck’s sake…

  13. Also, pole dancing is being taught at some universities, for stress relief before exams. True story.

  14. Sorry bells – I thought it was some obscure name at first; now I realize what name it is (I’d only seen it as “Maloki” before)

  15. @Comments – #1 looks like an obvious case of facebook rape from this angle. Also – Maloki? Really? I’ve always seen the name as Malachi – like in the Bible.

    Re: #2. Sarah – She sure as fuck isn’t proud of you for your homemaking skills. Clean up the laundry before climbing the pole, tramp.

  16. Sigh…*

  17. stirred up much, guys? i didn’t say she was big, i said she was heavy. as in not graceful. maybe i’ve just been fortunate enough to see dancers who dance like they’re lighter than air. she’s heavy, moving on

  18. Just like Chris I once had a similar conversation with my mum, only i had to respond…’No mum, it’s why my wife has left me…..again.’

    Fuck me they said Pigs would never fly…. but that’s a hefty piece of swine soaring through the air right there!

    She’s a Pole dancer…her name is Sprytny and she ives in Warsaw.

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