Monday, April 16, 2012

Titanic 2

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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Another fucken Titanic post?

  2. hootie the blowfish

    I haven’t seen the movie since it was new back in 1998 or whatever, so I may be remembering wrong, but didn’t Rose want him to climb up and he said no?

    Not that this post is funny even if it is factually accurate.

  3. As I recall, he tried to get up but the thing she was on started to go under the water so he stayed off of it.

  4. It doesnt matter, its fake.

  5. It doesn’t matter. He’s dead now.

  6. birthday?

  7. You are the cunt, Louis . You either use Rose and Jack or the even “funnier” Kate and Leo. Get your shit straight asshole.

  8. Chick Flick

  9. Can we stop with the whole “there was room on the door” crap? He tried to get on it in the movie, and it didn’t work. He’d still be locked in the basement if it weren’t for Rose, so if you want to blame anyone blame the douchebag fiance who locked him there and separated them. As for the diamond, those scientists spent all that money without her even knowing, and they didn’t even know for a fact it was down there. She also threw it into the ocean right above the freaking Titanic so now they at least have a chance. Also, it’s all fictional so I’m arguing about the character of a completely made-up person, so I should just stop. Which I am.

  10. Team Edward!! did i do it right?

  11. girls love boys who drown. I mean, sparkle.
    have they made twilight 3D? if not – why?; if so – why?

  12. sisqi – You did it right for me. Bravo.

  13. I’m beginning to notice a pattern and I just need a few investors. I’m sure you have all figured this out but bear with me I just got my coffee. The titanic girls ARE THE SAME GIRLS AS THE TWILIGHT GIRLS! Evidently there is an entire demographic of delusional and ridiculously bored housewives that think there is a ‘pretty good shot’ that jack or edward or peeta may need a wide belt one day and run into them at buckle and have no choice but to sex them right in the dressing room. After twilight it was hunger games. Now if we can just figure out where they are all going next and make that movie then we will be rich.

  14. sisqi, it’s simple. take one part new (supposedly) hunky (but often weirdly gay looking) actor, add in two parts special effects, throw in a shitty script with no imagination, and mix in a bowl until thoroughly blended. put in a baking dish and bake in the oven of hollywood fakery…and voila…you have the next teen chick flick.

  15. ^shitty soundtrack sold separately.

  16. slg. you weren’t listening. im not talking about teen chick flicks, i said THEY ARE THE SAME GIRLS. which means now they are like 38 and still stuffing their homes full of vampire bullshit and every woman i’ve seen in the past 5 weeks braided her hair. i knew the zombie apocalypse was coming i just never dreamed i would have to read the book first. gahhhh reading is for suckas

  17. oh shit sorry sisqi i thought you were talking about a way of tapping into the whole market, you know? thought i had it sussed!
    what’s the braiding hair reference? is that some hunger games thing i’m not aware of or something? sorry for my ignorance but i’ve never seen titanic, twilight or hunger games, and i dont plan to.

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