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  1. the second one’s not so lame….

  2. I guess I’m first but I don’t feel any different. Is it just me or are these posts just vague?

  3. i gladly concede being first to oochie as it’s probably safer to be number 2.

  4. The first and the third were obviously other people trolling and posting through their accounts….i see it everyday…

    I admit though, it would really suck to be logged in at a mac/verizon/whatever store…. :/

  5. Great! This reminds me of this earlier post ( http://lamebookadmin.wpcomstaging.com/major-wtf ) and got me thinking about what could possibly be the worst thing you could post on someone’s status update.

    Fun Day comes very close ( http://lamebookadmin.wpcomstaging.com/fun-day-nsfw ) but you have to have access to some pretty heavy duty imagery to make it work.

    Internet security suddenly becomes a lot more important when I see stuff like this.

    … and is Amanda Juan’s daughter, or is she being funny?

  6. ^ always block friend requests from parents so they can’t see your status updates ^

  7. My brothers do shit like this to each others facebook all the time. Brother A) has been a fan of moobs, bondage and shemales. Brother B) is a member of the rainbow connection, a fan of leather daddies, and whatever stereotypically gay thing a straight man could find. Not to mention the status updates. Someday though its gonna end in a fist fight. Probably at a thanksgiving/christmas/whatever dinner.

  8. Always log out on public computers! Or else you will end up on lamebook.

  9. Lamebook doesn’t moderate the word fuck but does n**ga? That’s funny.

  10. I’m way more offended by the word N**ga than I am by fuck….shit I say fuck all the fuckin’ time.

  11. oh and also…Nice cover Juan.

  12. My brother once logged on to my Facebook account and posted status updates strongly implying that I preferred the company of men. We both had a good laugh about it, but then I felt I had to get him back because we’ve always had good times pranking each other, seeing if we can top the other’s prank.

    So anyway, I logged in to his account and sent some private messages to his neighbor’s wife; silly stuff like “last night was wonderful” and “I hope your husband doesn’t find out about us.” It was pretty hilarious if I do say so myself. I think he found it pretty funny too, because he called me a few days later and he must have been laughing really hard because he almost sounded like he was crying. He said something about helping and I think he said the joke really killed him or words to that effect…it was really hard to hear what he was saying because I think he had the TV volume up way too high, because there was a lot of screaming and what sounded like a chainsaw in the background. I tried to get him to turn it down, but he hung up on me mid-sentence. Kind of a dick move, but he probably wanted to pay attention to the movie.

    After about a week, he hadn’t called again and hadn’t done anything to prank me back, so I was getting a little paranoid about what he was planning. I went by his house, but he wasn’t home. I did see his neighbor struggling with some garbage bags, and offered to help out. His shirt was covered in blood because I guess he had really bad allergies and had a nosebleed. That guy really needs to see a doctor about that!

    Anyway, I helped him get the garbage bags into the backyard and threw them into a hole he had dug. He said he was having a dispute with the sanitation department and was burying his trash until they agreed to start service again. Lousy government, always screwing with the little guy. Anyway, the bags were surprisingly heavy, but with the two of us working together it was quick work. We buried the bags to keep the raccoons from getting at them, and I went on my way.

    It’s been a few weeks now and I still haven’t heard from my brother. I just know that with this kind of lead time, his prank is going to be a real doozy!

  13. Fuck isn’t even close to being as offensive as n**ga.

  14. Sensible Madness…listen, the sanitation department has been struggling like all other local governmental entities. Either they cut services or the government goes bankrupt. Quit being so naive…geez… 😉

  15. Sensible Madness – I suspect your brother is buried under ideas on getting back at you … brace yourself! His neighbour’s nosebleed could also be symptomatic of high blood pressure, and not allergies. Really, quit being so naive!

    And I suspect Mike really wanted to say “Evil”. Though he had a good alibi. Good man.

  16. How do you not change your password after you realize that strangers are accessing your account from a random phone in some random store?

  17. Am I the only one who is wondering why Johanna liked Marcelo’s status???

  18. haha wicked – not putting family members on restricted lists, and then trying to tell everyone “it wasn’t me”
    hahahahahaha some ppl are just born for this site

  19. The Scarlet Pimple

    hahahaha @ idiots who leave themselves logged into demos.

  20. Actually, you can’t be logged in in two places at once. So the last one is bullshit.

  21. kdo, you can actually be logged in on a phone and on a computer. But not two computers.

  22. Actually…you can be logged in on two computers at the same time. I’ve had it happen many times before; try it before trying to make a fact up.

  23. the second one is as funny as a fuckin block of wood

  24. Applause to the first post! IDK how many people would be brave enough to admiting they want to partake in Beastiality on a social network site.

    Mike, it seems your phone has had a Freudian slip. Wow technology has come such a long way.

    Marcelo, read my comment for Mike!

  25. How about instead of ‘blocking’ your status from you parents, you just don’t post anything you wouldn’t be afraid to say to your parents in person?!

  26. Ugh. No parents on facebook. That’s such a rookie mistake.

  27. Why was “niga” censored out? That’s so stupid. I bet if someone said something about crackers they wouldn’t block it. Stupid bloody political correctness.

  28. I have always known ‘fucking A’ to be slang for ‘I concur’. If this is the case, then why does Marcelo agree before stating he hadn’t logged out of the test droid?

  29. How come lamebook censored the word “nigga” but not “Fuckin”?

  30. @28: I think “Fuckin’ A'” is more commonly used as an expletive.

    @29: The word “Fuckin'” doesn’t belittle an entire race of people.

    @27: “Cracker” isn’t offensive, because white people aren’t uptight about the racial slurs applied to them, and they could care less what you call them.

    The N-Word doesn’t offend me, but it offends the people that complain the loudest about that kind of stuff. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, or something like that.

  31. @ Insane

    I’ve always known fucking-A to be a way of expressing emotion. Which basically translates to an expletive.

  32. OK an expletive is a sentence filling word that holds no value. An expletive can also be a way of expressing emotion. So does that mean that Marcelo was overwhelmed with joy by saying ‘Fucking A’ before claiming that it wasn’t him that posted his status?

    If i have the ‘Fucking A’ emotional expression wrong, then i have deciphered it incorrectly from Clerks 2.

  33. “Fuckin A” either means “I agree” or just plain “fuck.” In that case, it’s like “fuck” with some glitter on it.

  34. Incanus, I have. So fuck off.

  35. I reckon just plain old fashioned ‘Fuck’ or possibly ‘FFS’ would have served his cause better than ‘Fuckin A’. It sounds to me that it is just Marcello’s round about way of admitting he is gay!

  36. Is Dingo a dog? Lol, that guy has serious probs.

  37. Evil-Evie…’E’ and ‘L’ are not even on the same key. Hmmmm, BS?

  38. I guess It takes Juan to know Juan.

  39. @Insane that made me lol really hard. Is that kinda sad?

  40. oh how i love auto-correct. buahahaha

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