Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Merry Ex-Mas




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  1. @ Insane : Can’t I get both you and SeeBea with a Santa hat and a ribbon together? Menage a trois?

  2. @Svetlana: :’) how did you know that was my dream? YES!!!
    C’mon SeeBea say yes too!!!

  3. @ Svetlana… You wanna do what? To who? In my house.. You me dinner tonight.. I think we seriously need to talk…

  4. Eddie – getting me back, your doing it wrong… I’ll whip you boy, you are seriously getting out of line.

  5. @ Svetlana.. I am perfectly inline thankyou.. I love you.. Just don’t want you to go..

  6. In line? You call this in line? What, are you five? Come on Eddie, you know it’s nothing more than what it is, you knew the terms and conditions. And if you want to start doing this, then we’ll do this, the right way… If we wanna play rough, lets do this…

  7. @ Svetlana… Babe… Just joking around with you.. How was your day? So when we going out for a drink again..? (Yes we aren’t actually married, Just a dream)

  8. @Antarctic circle. I’d be glad to help.

  9. @#1 reverand – It’s quite easy to rape and murder your wife then get out of jail. All you need to do is live here in england where they’ll let you out after less than half your sentence because the prisons are too full, then they give you a lump sum of cash to apologise for the inconvinience of arresting you.

    Somehow i can smell BS though

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