Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday TypOHs!

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  1. hi

  2. FIRST.

    definitely not as fun as you guys make it look.

  3. that’d be why.

  4. Wow, it took me a while to figure out what was wrong with the first one. I thought “Mom-Mom” just loved to garden…

  5. @Peter…don’t be all chill..you know being first gives you a little thrill down your spine…otherwise you wouldn’t have called it. Or tried to, anyway. 🙂
    on that note, egh. Is it me, or does that forearm look…like the entire thing sags towards the center? my arm doesn’t look like that. Are my masturbation muscles that much sleeker than those of what I assume is a man? it looks like it tapers to a fairly non fat wrist.. I’m more concerned about the arm than the shitty spelling.

  6. LOL @peterpiper it’d be more fun if you’re ACTUALLY first.

  7. It looks like “mert”, not even “ment”.

  8. Man that first one is really creepy for me. That Looks exactly like my daughter from behind. O_o

    Ugh! I just don’t understand why somebody would destroy their body like that! I have wanted a tattoo for years. But I haven’t found anybody that is worthy of drawing on this temple. Okay I take that back, but cum stains wash off.

  9. I don’t get the first one, unless “gardening” is supposed to be “guardian” but that is still a legitimate caption for an old person picture…

  10. How can people be that f***ing stupid and still walk upright?

  11. @Frankie: that’s his lower leg, not his forearm.
    @manybells: yep, it totally says mert.

    And, what’s wrong with calling Mom-mom your gardening angel? It would definitely be more appropriate for my grandmother than guardian angel (she moved in with my parents because of health problems, and the entire front yard now looks like a jungle from all the plants she’s put there).

  12. Nah, that’s his forearm. See his body behind it? He’s holding his arm up in front of him.

  13. I love the last coon the last post: “it can get spelt that way too”. Sure it can, you peasant! It’s just that it’s wrong.

  14. *”last comment on the last post”, in case someone was wondering what a “last coon” is…

  15. It’s not just you, Frankie83. That is one motherfucker of an ugly forearm. And the longer you look at it, the uglier it gets.

  16. Good thing you made the correction, Keyser_Soze. I thought you were being way racist.

  17. Wow, I never realized that forearms could be so disgusting before I saw this dude’s tattoo. Well played sir, well played.

  18. @megamel: Yea, my keyboard’s been acting up lately. It produces gems like that more and more often.

  19. What’s the first word on that tattoo?

  20. The first word on the tattoo is “true.”

  21. “Spelt” is a type of wheat. “Spelled” is what you just did incorrectly.

  22. I like how Marc thinks you can just spell a word differently and it’s totally acceptable, despite said alternate spelling never appearing outside of Facebook.

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