Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Can’t wait to try your food, dude.


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  1. He took the dump before going shopping, so this is epic fail.

  2. Hm. TMI.

  3. lol. “butternut”

  4. So glad it wasn’t with an immoral veal demi-glace.

  5. somehow i don’t think the kind of retard that brags about monster shits on facebook can handle advanced french cooking.

  6. hahaha. he took a dump.. and it gave him inspiration what to cook for dinner! amazing!!!

  7. TMI TMI

  8. I wasn’t aware that it took spelling skills
    to cook. Most chefs are just scuzzy cokeheads
    who are only steps away from being homeless
    when the place they’re cooking for becomes week… as in LAST WEEK! It’s unfortunate that the myriad shows on TV somehow lead people to believe that chefs are somehow these gifted visionaries….they cook food…Christ. “I”ve created a spicy
    Chili Aioli to put on my roasted Artichokes”….Just make me a sandwich you ass clown!


  10. Jason’s a dumbass, but the real lamer here is Marguerite. “Hey, look at me! I actually know what all that is! I’m such a foodie! Why aren’t you looking at me? I’m ever so smart and clever!”

  11. I have no idea what his dump looks like. TO find out, I’ll go out and shoot a chocolate Easter bunny on the head right away.

  12. i think he just googled some pretentious-sounding recipes to try and regain some respect after the defecation update.

    this has made me laugh the hardest so far on this website, however.

  13. still laughing. some people…oh my… glad he’s not my chef, i’d be worried.

  14. Alberto likes this.

  15. @ Jam:

    First of all, as the child of a family full of chefs and cooks, fuck you. MOST chefs work their motherfucking asses off in hopes of making a decent living for themselves and their families. Cooking requires patience, practice, LOTS of trial and error, confidence, a knowledge of chemistry, a developed sense of taste, time, energy, and a lot of the time sheer hope. No, not all cooks are artists, but just because you can’t appreciate the subtleties that they put into a meal just makes you a tasteless hack. Where I come from, when someone cooks you a good meal, that deserves respect. I think you just haven’t had a good enough meal yet. In short, go fuck yourself and try something besides bologna and Cheez-Wiz sandwich for a change.

  16. On the other hand, this post is only funny for shock value only. Otherwise, just gross.

  17. Brilliant! I want to suck this guy’s little weenie!

  18. @ Liz
    My experience leads me to agree with Jam. After working in 3 restaurants around 15 or so chefs, most of them were regular coke users and a few were involved in dealing. Actually, most of the kitchen staff was involved, to some degree. Cocaine and sexual affairs with married waitresses, the boss’ wife, restaurant sluts, etc. Gambling problems, too. Never seen a job so consistently staffed by degenerates.

  19. Uh – I’m with Liz. Most chefs pay a ridiculous amount of $ for schooling and work like dogs after said schooling, yet they don’t have the chance that most educated individuals have to make it back with a large salary. Jam sound bitter…looks like *someone* didn’t make it as a chef.

    Now – restaurant managers – that’s another story!

    😉 In the business

  20. I agree with Kelly.
    And BallsMcGrady, you need to work in a better calibre of restaurant. In my experience as a long-time chef the degenerate, drug-addled waste-cases you’ve seen are the hallmark of mediocre restaurants.
    Oh, sure, you’re bound to see that kind of chef in good restaurants, too. But, then, of course, I’m sure people who work in offices know that guy in the office who likes to go out every Friday and Saturday night and get blackout-drunk and do lines off the counter of the bathroom in shitty clubs before banging the nameless slut he was grinding on the dancefloor.

  21. easter bunny FTW

  22. Pff this is lame you won’t try it!

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