Friday, May 29, 2009

Tats Lame


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  1. No Elliot, that isn’t funny at all.

    But a Slipknot tat would be the sickness.

  2. ^slipknot flu

  3. Dude that guy is so fucking hardcore man. FUCK. I mean, like, a fuckin’ SLIPKNOT tattoo?! DONT SMESS WITH TEXAS??? Damnnnnnnnnnnn, i wanna go clubbin’ wit Elliot!

  4. Slipknot tattoo=awesome. ‘nough said 🙂

  5. Can we resubmit posts #1 & #4 to also be featured on lamebook?

  6. I agree 100%, Ken

  7. Yay lets get a word i said wrong when i was drunk permantly scarred into my skin and in 50 years time when dementia takes over i’ll feel like a douche.

  8. shitnot tattoo = faggy lameness. ‘nough said 😀

  9. “I was drunk and now it’s funny.” Possibly the best line ever.

  10. texas & slipknot = lame

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