Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Quick & Classy

Quick and Classy

Quick and Classy

Quick and Classy

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  1. am I the only one that doesn’t understand what Meghan is saying?

  2. Yes you are.

  3. @BWS

    I’m assuming she’s leaving a comment on her friend’s wall, who happens to be an author. She’s telling her that she saw her book on some guy’s table. I’m assuming her husband does not have facebook and she’s somehow thinking the comment will not get back to him.

    Anyone else agree on this guess? It’s the only thing that I could think of that could possibly make sense.

  4. I’m thinking the friend is the partner of the guy she is having an affair with and she blatently dropped herself in it!

  5. I would love to know what that whores last name is so I can find her page, get her private info and point her husband to that page. Thats if I knew how to do any of that.

  6. @Mcowles: that would make sense.

    What is the difference in an aboriginal and a park bench? =D

  7. all women are whores

  8. What person would name their child Simeon?

  9. Ha, flaming women.

  10. what if she isnt married but he is. why dont you try get his wife’s info. better yet – get off your judgmental high horse and find a hobby spanky?

  11. @mcowles that was my interpretation, too.

    lol indians.

  12. I can die happy knowing that TWO of the lamebooks I submitted made it in ONE POST.

  13. The best part about the Indians one is that Johnny’s last name is clearly an “Indian” name.

  14. @Jen are you friends with Meghan?! Could you explain her post? I’m not really getting it although I do agree with @mcowles

  15. Nooo. I posted the other two.

  16. I need these kinds of people in my life.

    Because you’re not an asshole if you’ve got a friend that’s much, much worse, and on lamebook.

  17. Learn what the word “affair” means. We don’t know that either one of them is married or even that there is an actual relationship (i.e. the ‘affair’ could be an inside joke).

  18. @Drew G – Bulgarian person, for example.

  19. actually the person who is having an affair is “single” according to her fb page IF YA MUST KNOW. still TMI

  20. Yeah I’m not sure why everyone automatically assumed that Meghan was cheating….it seems more likely that the man is cheating on his partner with Meghan, and probably isn’t even in the same circle of friends with her at all. Hence the glib wall-posts. Or possibly they are all interconnected and Meghan wants the other chick to find out, in this hideously passive-aggressive manner.

  21. @Jen

    When you say an “Indian” name, do you mean like Patel or like Running Deer?

  22. Clearly she means Running Deer.

  23. Which is ironic, then, because Running Deer is obviously a Native American name and the Native American people are of course an aboriginal people, thus bringing the conversational wheel full circle and leaving me, bizarrely, with a lapful of sperm.

  24. @King Cnut

    I’ve dealt with my demons and I’m ok with laughing at your comment.


    I wouldn’t say “clearly” anything, in regards to this post and/or comment section.


    I see you in the mirror.

  25. Sorry – where I live aboriginal people make up about fifty percent of the population (thus the focus in education class), and although you can’t always tell by someone’s name, you sometimes can, especially if they are from a local band. I won’t tell you what that guy’s last name is, but it’s something like Chinook.

  26. Just bc it says affair it doesnt mean she is the one with the husband. The guy she is seeing could be married.

  27. Or, she could be in a civil union/open relationship with another woman, and is having ‘an affair’, hence the reason it is ‘her book’ – the fact that he knows them both would imply it is a love triangle. conFUSing!!

  28. The “her” in Meghan’s “her book” isn’t a person involved in the relationship…

    When Meghan said “her book” the guy probably thought that by “her” she was indeed referring to his other woman (his wife, who owns the book and left it there since it’s her house), whereas really the “her” Meghan mentioned was just some female author who wrote a book that she’s been wanting to read… so the guy thought he’d been caught and foolishly confessed all. Clearly he’s an idiot.

    Obviously Meghan (annoying spelling) has only just become aware that her man is using her to have an affair after the revelation and is telling the book owning wife so that she knows her husband is cheating.

  29. @ mcowles
    I’m in agreement with you. That is what I understood. I’m really perplexed as to why she would post that she is having an affair…but people have done stupid things before

  30. Neil Gaiman's Left Sock

    “Affair” can just mean casual relationship, especially if the person in it is openly polyamorous. Or, as someone above me pointed out, it could just be a joking name for her flings or boyfriends.

    I seriously doubt that anyone would post about an extra-marital affair on facebook.

  31. You obviously haven’t been on Facebook or browsed this page very long…

  32. haha – this is hilarious. a friend of mine brought it to my attention.

    thanx a lot Jennerator – now EVERYONE knows I burnt my car to the ground. as the story goes, I had a blow-by issue with my 22-year-old Volvo, which lead to an oily rag, which lead to it being burnt to the ground. hence, Quin’s suggestion.


  33. fuck i’m awesome

  34. hahahahaha stupid indians

  35. hahaha I’m a racist dumb shit.

  36. indians are from india, not north america. read a book, people. columbus was an ignorant douche.

  37. @dani
    I’m sorry but you seem to be ignoring the fact that Columbus thought he DISCOVERED THE INDES!!! your the ignorant douche apparently…

  38. i doubt johnny has ever opened a book in his life Lol.

  39. John Players Standard

    @36 dani
    LOL try looking at a Indian Status Card from Canada. It states in capital letters that so and so is a INDIAN. East Indians are from India. You can thank Christopher Columbus for that fuck up.

  40. John Players Standard

    But also the funny thing is that most natives don’t even know their actual history because their elders are too busy spending all the money they are handed pouring it down their throats. Fuck Manitoba rules!

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