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  1. Boz, whether the real one or not…I am a male. More stereotyping from people with single digit IQs.

  2. a world without kids? how will i fulfil my sexual desires?

  3. @Women’s Studies

    Nice try, you dumb woman, but as discussed in a previous post, if you were a male advocating that shit, you’d be a GAY, but it’s obvious you’re just a dumb woman.

  4. Im not gay, why does sociology make someone gay? Show me a connection.

  5. These comments are way funnier than the post. Oh, and box can get fucked

  6. get fucked by me, and my boyfriend.

  7. This is Failblog material!

  8. I am the real Boz signing in.

    Im not really that cool and i just took a dump in my pants.

    Real Boz signing out now.

  9. I was thinking it meant “Imagine a world with out head ” lmfao so i laughed till i read all these racist remarks, what the hell does colour have to do with anything we are all people the same species!!

  10. immagining….a lot less crime, horrible music, and rape.

    im all for it! =D

  11. The Half of me that is white agrees that the world would be better off without black people.

  12. I have to agree with you ‘bama.

  13. Black people commit so much more crime than any other race; look at the statistics. It must be because they are genetically closer to animals (monkeys) than white people. Gutted fat assed blubber lips

  14. America raped and pillaged other countries to drag slaves halfway across the world to work them to death – yes FAIR ENOUGH that they are socially disadvantaged and break through your fucking picket fences.

    Cry more please.

  15. Lighten up Francis.

    That is hilarious.

  16. imagine a world without a child.

  17. White peeps committed much more crime during the colonization of America, so the racist fucks that have commented here need to think about that before talking about “looking at the statistics”. I’m a Native American btw.

  18. My name is Boz and my thighs are fat, I rule da streetz and I rule da cats!

  19. Metis: I’m not talking about the past, I’m talking about the present, and I’m not talking about America either, I couldn’t give two shits about America and its’ self-obsession. Black people are regularly, although not always, crime-committing, gun-touting, knife-yielding, murdering, raping, threatening fucks and we’d all be better off without them. 90% of the time when I read in the newspapers about a crime it’s committed by someone black/black people. The majority of gangs consist of black people and it’s fucking pathetic, they should just be shot and be done with it. Bear in mind that I do have black friends and yes I am completely stereotyping and being racist towards black people but I find it a bit strange how much more crime is committed by specific races. It just pisses me off how often it is that they can’t just be decent human beings with real emotions.

  20. @me.

    wow man. I really hope you wrote that as some kind of failed joke otherwise you’re easily the dumbest person I have ever encountered. why don’t you try researching what you say before you go making a fool of yourself and disgracing the human race on a public forum. Good job, idiot.

  21. bevus, what exactly did I say that was incorrect? Today I read about a girl who got gang raped by 12 black men, I also read about a 17 year old boy who got stabbed by..guess what? A black man. I then proceeded to read about a black man who spiked two womens’ drinks, kidnapped them, raped them, then escaped from custody. Not to mention that a friend of mine recently got mugged by a black man. And the list goes on. I’m not saying ALL crime is committed by black people, and I know there are many who are decent, law abiding people, but the majority of crimes that I read about in the papers seem to lead back to black people.

    HAHA I’d love you to explain how someone can make a fool of them self when they can’t even be identified other than by the name “me”. I honestly couldn’t care less what people say or think about my posts.
    And as for disgracing the human race? My god you must take Lamebook far too seriously sweetheart, lighten up.

  22. @me.

    please take note of points 3 and 4. Also I would adivse reading a history book instead of making up bullshit claims.

    How to “win” a flame war on lamebook:

    1. Make lots of lame sexual references about people or their relatives. It is oh so witty and clever.
    2. Pretend to be your opponent and post ridiculous and pathetic straw man arguments, then knock them down like a total hero
    3. Keep posting until your opponents realise what a loser you are and that it is pointless to respond as this will make you look cool
    4. Keep coming back and posting so that you can be last. After all, if you have less of a life, you are clearly superior
    5. Post under another name to annoint yourself the winner. It’s incredibly compelling and not nearly as transparent and pathetic as everyone else thinks it is.

  23. Ohhhh, bevus=matis! Haha!! Man, that is really clever of you.

    I will state once again:

    “I’m not talking about the past, I’m talking about the present”

    How many times do I need to repost that initial sentence for you to read it? People who skip over a vital part of a comment are really just trying to kid themselves. That’s the entire point – otherwise what I said would indeed be incorrect, but as it is, in it’s ENTIRETY, it’s 100% correct.

    If you think that by being the one to say “keep coming back and posting so that you can be last. After all, if you have less of a life, you are clearly superior” you are now immune to that point then you are pretty deluded.

    One more to add:

    6. Make up a 5-point list of ‘How to “win” a flame war on lamebook’ because then it truly shows that you are the don of Lamebook, and what you say must be right.

    (Although I do agree in your sarcasm about 1. and 2. It’s really quite pointless)

    I know I’ve been completely racist in what I’ve said and I know it’s not fair, but I don’t judge all black people for the things I’ve mentioned, only the ones who commit the crimes and behave threateningly and such. I also fucking hate pikeys (who are often white) for similar reasons…except rather than race that is more based on social status. I’m a snob, and what? I’d rather be a snob than a criminal.

  24. such saddos on this site and what fasinates me is how certain white people are obsessed with blacks ..always documenting crime
    commited by blacks,setting up websites to join and discussing their phobia of blacks and how they believe they are “superior” ..and trying to find other faults.What a sad life

  25. Funny thing is that firstly; I’m not even white. I have no idea how to set up a website, do not think I’m superior to blacks; just criminals, and I just think it’s disgusting the amount of crime there is committed, not just by black people, but by anyone. It’s not my fault that most of it IS committed by black people these days. Don’t look for a scapegoat by criticising someone for actually speaking the harsh truth.

  26. @me

    fail. I’m not metis, you’re a retard. And man seriously? you don’t know anything about anything. I’m done with this but I’m just going to list some names that I suggest you google so you realize just how much bullshit you’ve actually convinced yourself of. (I know you won’t but whatever)

    Theodore Kaczynski
    Ted Bundy
    Robert Pickton
    John Wayne Gacy
    Paul Bernardo/Karla Holmolka
    Charles Manson
    Jack The Ripper
    David Berkowitz
    Bonnie and Clyde
    John Ford Seale
    Missisipi Burnings
    Dennis Rader
    Baby Face Nelson
    Machine Gun Kelly
    Pretty Boy Floyd
    Al Capone
    John Dillinger
    Jim Jones
    Nathan Leopold jr./Richard Albert Loeb
    Richard Nixon (watergate)

    p.s. If you keep being an ignorant piece of shit the world is going to give you yours. in the meantime maybe you should read a book.

  27. I wish that I could edit my last post but instead I’ll just add here

    Serhiy Tkach
    Donald Harvey
    Belle Sorenson Gunness
    Ahmad Suradji
    Alexander Pichushkin
    Gary Ridgway
    Anatoly Onoprienko
    Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo
    Pedro Alonso Lopez
    Yang Xinhai
    Pedro Rodrigues Filho
    Elizabeth Bathory
    Javed Iqbal
    Thug Behram
    Luis Alfredo Garavito Cubillos
    Gilles de Rais
    Harold Frederick Shipman

  28. @me

    what a sad, hateful loser, most crime is caused by economic conditions and greed except in rare cases of extreme mental illness which is often made worse by lack of proper health care to those people. These conditions apply to all people of all nationalities, there is no such thing as race only human adaptability which is triggered by geographical circumstance.

    i hope your hate doesnt blind you before you get to see some of the good shit in the world..

  29. @ Bevus

    We all know the poster ‘me’ is a vile, insecure bigot and people with views like that are not welcome in the mainstream of today’s society – the ones with views like that will not progress in life. It’s amazing to see a person as sheltered and deluded as he is. Good effort to destroy his feeble ‘argument’, but people like that aren’t worth it. Perhaps ‘me’ will become a little more tolerant and open-minded when he grows up… perhaps not.

  30. It’s sad that those of you who think that its still okay to be a bigot in this day and age are hiding like pussies behind your computer screens. I dare you to walk up to a random black person on the street and say the idiotic shit that you are posting on here. I doubt that any of you would because statistics show that you are all introverted cowardly pickled nosed acne riddled cunt bag losers.
    That is all.

  31. non racist australian

    it is clearly meant to say imagine a world with out smiles dickhead racist

  32. I have a black friend and he thinks it’s hilarious that a company would even risk that thought process coming up..

  33. Imagine: A World Without Children.

  34. I AM BOZ

  35. wow thats really fucked up

  36. without children or black girl???

  37. My name is Coco I live in a tree, selling condoms for 99p.


  39. reply to #19:
    Boz I’m mixed-raced and I dont appreciate you saying that there would be no crime and no auto-phone music because white people do that as well so get your facts right before you say/write it!

  40. dude he’s a friggen’ troll… don’t be an idiot

  41. I think that all of you that are racist are just people who are incest mofo’s that like to have sex with their mother and brothers how do you like that I think the world would be a lot better with out deformed babies stop keeping it in the family dirt bags!

  42. God this comments page makes me sad.
    I too am amazed a company would risk people thinking along these lines? But i guess we can’t pander to the racist bastards forever.

  43. Black people make the world go round.

  44. racism really just boils down too hate
    People are pissed off with their lives hence
    blame a minority sector for their woes…
    and if some of us are honest with our self it also feels
    good to hate and bully others… ( some people are just born like that )

    Thankfully in the ‘real world’ most of these online racist
    dose not pose a threat to anyone.

  45. One mentality i never got from the online racist community

    Just cause one black man steal, why should we punish the whole race ?

    Its like saying Hitler was white, so all whites should be punished for what he did ?

    or because someone with green eyes or (a lot of people with green eye) cause crime should we execute all green eye people ?

    Punishment should be dealt where it is deserve not too
    the innocent with similar features ( if you haven’t caused a crime why should someone be punished? )

    the only answer I can think of .. you don’t like black people hence you just want a excuse to get rid ‘out of your country’
    but of course that there’s too many of them in your country and too many non racist peeps..hell even your president is black..

  46. grammar is crap but i don’t care

  47. I like turtles.

  48. a world without Michael Jackson? Oprah Winfrey? Barack Obama? unfathomable.

  49. #159 Christy

    Imagine a World Without Head For The WIN!!!

    My hero

  50. Caramel_Princess

    I know, imagine a world without oversized black women in bikinis. Or the ghetto ones. Either way… just imagine.

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