Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Record Breaker

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  1. Haha

  2. To quote a former Lamebook idiot…. Fake

  3. That letter was most definitely “shopped”.

  4. If you keep sending fake pictures to Guinnes World Records, it’s your own fault if you break the record in getting raped.

  5. ^ how’s the ‘your fault if you get raped’ line goin’ for ya?

  6. They won’t accept my record-attempt in rapes.

  7. It’s kinda shopped…

  8. Guinness might not care Dane, but I think the rest of LB would love you see you raped a record number of times.

  9. ^you’d probably be the one wanting to be the rapist

  10. ^ considering you are the guy that seems to like the D, have at bro. Eh?

  11. No you go ahead dkman!

  12. If I have to be with you two guys, I’d like to butt-rape you first Steeeever, not because I hate you, but because I could stick my dick in mobydkmans throat afterwards.

  13. Dane on the gay train.

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