Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What Gives?!?!

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  1. reserved

  2. Thanks for holding my spot for me!

  3. Hippos are cute, yet dangerous creatures.

  4. Forth spot is also held for Steeeeveeeer (back up plan)

  5. If you keep making fun of hippos crates, it’s your own fault if you get hippo-raped!

  6. Maybe they’re a medical student, as Hippocrates is the father of western medicine.

  7. What I find saddest about this post isn’t that some idiot can’t spell, it’s that when someone reads “Hippocrates” they think of animals in boxes instead of the Greek scholar. Sad times indeed.

  8. That’s only slightly funny if they actually misspell it.

  9. I was thinking more along the lines of the ancient Greek physician…but hey, whatever blows your dress up.

  10. I’ve always thought of it as the ancient Greek, but now I will forever see hippo-crates, and I actually kinda like that.

  11. Hippos aren’t keen on them either.

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