Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sick and Stupid

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  1. “Steeeever”
    “…it’s your own fault you get raped”
    “I saw this on “fill in the blank website” last week, c’mon lame book”


  3. If you keep being this depressing, cravenmoorehed, it’s your own fault if you get raped!

  4. Cops: Becoming MORE STUPID every year.

  5. This girl I was seeing a couple of years ago was drunk out at the port a couple of years ago, and when we left the bar (I had to force her to leave because she was cut off and giving the bouncers a hard time, I was friends with them, and they thanked me for diffusing the situation and getting her dumb ass out of there as soon as things started going downhill)

    She ran up to, and tried to jump into the unexpecting arms of one of the Sheriffs Deputies standing outside of the gate, falling hilariously to the ground as he took a quick step back and didn’t catch her.. I yelled at her asking “wtf are you doing, are you fucking stupid?” and the Deputy said the same thing, plus “Are you a fucking idiot, you could have gotten hurt, I almost beat your ass!” He was just as shocked as me and his partner standing next to him.

    He threatened to take her to jail, but I apologized profusely, told him I was a C.O. and that I’d handle it, then said she was way too drunk and that I’d take her back to her apartment right away because she had no business being out in public anymore. At the same time she kept standing there like a maroon trying to talk and whine about shit so I told her she can follow me and get in the truck or I would leave her there with them.

    She kept getting mad and apologizing to me at the same time everytime I tried to gently grab her arm to steer her in the right direction to the vehicle since she kept walking the wrong way.

    After more bullshit I eventually got her home, walked her up the stairs and decided to stick around for a bit to make sure she was safe. Apparently she was still upset about her ex cheating on her with her best friend so she started yelling and trashing her apartment. She even tried to throw a bed post through the massive window that took up half of the studio apartment she was in, then went outside screaming and banging on her friends door.

    So there I was, diffusing another situation, explaining the situation to the un-involved neighbors, again, telling them I would take care of it and try to calm her down with the assistance of her friends, and asking them not to call the cops.

    See the trend here? This bitch was crazy.as.fuck when she had too much to drink, and after that night I decided it would be in my best interests to not really hang out with her anymore. It’s not like we were super close or anything. She was just my little fun buddy out at the beach. We’d go out to lunch a couple times a week, have sex, go out for a drink every now and then…but after seeing just how batshit crazy she was I figured it was about time to cut ties with the bird.

    I don’t need that kind of drama in my life…lol…I continued to hang out with her until she found a boyfriend and got her legal shit straightened out and then I fucked right off and starting chillin’ with normal fucking people again.

  6. tl;dr

  7. Nigga, If you’re going to go through all that damn trouble at least have some god damned common courtesy to post the actual Tl:Dr for all of the other people that aren’t going to read it. It’s only commmon courtesy, but this is Lamebook, I should know better to think some tosser on here to have some common courtesy.

  8. This is a funny place to bleg.

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