Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Some Ink That Stinks!

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  1. Nothing funnier than some obnoxious twit who tries to have something “meaningful” tattooed on themselves and it completely fails. Love it.

  2. That Gary Coleman tattoo looks like a cross between Aunt Jemima and the Gerber baby.

  3. You could always change your name to “Grammer Police”

  4. It’s may be lame to some, but putting Gary on your ass…that’s some funny shit.

  5. Number 3 is the worst I’ve ever seen!
    What are the chances that two men in the same vicinity have equally horrible taste in undergarment attire?

    Why is the guy with no pants wearing shoes and the one *with* pants on barefoot?

  6. Gooch must be from Nantucket.

  7. gooch is crazy

  8. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    the guy with the pants at his ankles has some nasty feet/toes.. Yuck

  9. The “tattoo” with the dick under the dude’s ear doesn’t even look like a real tat. Looks like a painting or something. I highly doubt this douchebag is going to walk around with a REAL tattoo of a dick under his ear for the rest of his life. (which wouldn’t be long once the gay bashers see that)

    Then again, someone got a tattoo of Gary Coleman.

  10. butterflysandsocks

    @mamalumps- No, it doesn’t. It indicates the intention of preventing something undesirable.

  11. Grammar Police

    I don’t have my badge anymore, but that only means one thing…

    I’ll have to work outside the law!

  12. The definition of Lest is “for fear that”.

  13. I’ll be honest. I just broke up with my boyfriend so that I could do naughty, naughty things to Rikki while staring into the eyes of Gary Coleman. Yeah, baby.
    And the dancer’s body isn’t as much masculine, it’s moreso a weird angle, and dancers have athletic bodies to begin with.
    On that note, I’d still do her. With Gary.

  14. i think #3 looks like the one guy from “Ice Age”…

  15. #3 could be “1-1-72”, like a birth or death date. Still hideous. It doesn’t help that the guys in that pic are sitting on ratty car seat in a garage. Blech.

  16. That’s not Gary Coleman, its Esther Rolle, the actress that played Florida Evans on “Good Times.” The Gary Coleman hand fan in the picture is just a random coincidence.

  17. Getting tattoos on the neck can be indicative of sociopathic tendencies. Just sayin’.

  18. I hate when someone starts a sentence with the words “lose yourself” (misspelled or not) because I always start singing along to MeninmE.

  19. @butterflysandsocks and gawds… “in case” could be substituted for both of the definitions you provided. try it in a sentence.

  20. lol

  21. championhustler

    @rebarbativebecc, the writing in pic #3 is japanese. the first is katakana for “ku” (kooh)the second hiragana for “ne” (neh) i’m still trying to figure out what the hell it means…

  22. @championhustler are you failing japanese? because no way in hell is that katakana.

    what kind of “ku” symbol looks like that?

  23. championhustler

    the first symbol only… the part that looks like an “n”. thats Katakana. the pictue isn’t of great quality but this is what i see:ク ね if it’s not then you tell me what it is.

  24. “lest” > “in case”

  25. I read it as カね myself… but that makes even less sense…

  26. Seriously, my use of the word “lest” is being debated?
    Fucking…I don’t know…I need to stop coming to this website.

  27. The third picture is a gang sign for MS 13. It was probably done in jail or something. That’s their hand symbol. And the writing either says MS 13 or it’s numbers, they all incorporate numbers.

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