Monday, November 1, 2010

A Little Win to Start the Week

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  1. Meh.

  2. I used to lol (laugh out loud) at lamebook every day. Now I barely chuckle. Is lamebook less funny, or has my poor, marijuana-soaked mind just lost interest (again)? Also, I don’t get half of these. Rahm Emmanuel= half a finger missing? Really? I wouldn’t draw attention to it, he looks like one of those small guys that turn out to be totally psychotic…


  4. I enjoyed Annette’s. And the SW one. I think it really is better for the fact that it is totally inaccurate.

  5. I don’t get the gum one.

  6. @Douchetastic: closest I can come up with is that Lyndon is implying that Anthony meant to type “cum is good”? I dunno, it’s a stretch and fucking lame if I’m right.

  7. Lyndon means that he thinks instead of “gum” he meant “mom’s meatloaf”. Oh, and Pooka is Wallace

  8. I love Star Wars, and have sex quite regularly.

  9. Pooka is Pooka. Wallace is Wallace. But if you think Wallace is cool, I’m not offended.

  10. No. Pooka is Wallace.

  11. Crap. Now I need to go back and read through previous comments to see what “X is Wallace” means. Sigh. I have study I could be doing, guys.

  12. Alan, after reading your blog, I think it’d be best for all of us for you to lose interest for a bit of time. That place needs some serious work.

  13. i have to agree with watercress about your blog alan. you’ve taken some boring as hell earnest pseudo-political agenda and turned it into a pile of unoriginal, unreadable drivel. throw in some embarrassing poetry (sample: Ahmadinejad Shall blight the face The World Is torn in twain) and that desperately unfunny pun which is your name and you’ve got one of the lamest blogs ever to “blight the face” of the internet. a few words of advice: stop taking drugs and keep your thoughts to yourself until you figure out the meaning of ‘quality control’.

    meanwhile, these lamebook posts… are pretty crap, i’ll give you that. except the first one, because it’s true.

  14. ^ That’s pretty funny.

  15. God damn it guys, stop misusing Wallace. If somebody explains something to someone who has said they don’t understand the joke, they are not Wallace.

  16. Agreed Hobo.
    I thought the first two were ok, all downhill after that.

  17. OK, Pooka is not Wallace. My bad.

  18. I like sex, I like star wars, I like sex dressed as starwars characters. “oh chewy what are you doing that?” 0.o

  19. Annette’s comment was good for a chuckle, as was the Star Wars one, the rest well…this IS lamebook after all.

  20. @casshern 18, lmao..

    Wins all down the line, imo.

  21. How the hell is eating pussy anything like driving in the fog. I can’t seem to wrap my mind around that.

  22. Star wars jokes are fucking getting old… as old as Rhianna, Michael Jackson, Twilight and Pope jokes


  23. Do we have a case of “What you talkin’ ’bout?? Wallace??”

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