Monday, April 26, 2010


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  1. just cuz the post references lamebook doesnt make it lamebook worthy

  2. Eh, lamebook, this is the post you put on for me just before I have to bail for the day?

    Very disappointing.
    Zero from the pervert on this one.

  3. i thought it was kind of funny that david and josh were ragging on jen. she deserved it with that stupid vague status update. i hate those. she postes it so all her friends would be like “omg what happened? are u ok??”

  4. *posted

  5. There is something to be said about narcissistic drama queens on facebook. This isn’t the best example of it though.

  6. Self-submitting is lame.

    And I agree word… if this is how I am giong to end my workday on lamebook, I am also giving a zero.

  7. I’ll take the FB drama queen over the bipolar chick who goes from “Life is awesome!” to “Seriously God???? Why me????” in 6 seconds flat. I have two of those in my network and recently blocked updates from both of them. I went to one of their profiles today to confirm that I did the right thing, and I saw so much crap that looked like it came from an inspirational speaker for multi-level marketing salespeople that it seriously made me want to barf. Thank God for the ‘hide’ feature.

  8. josh you are cringeworthy

  9. Self-submitting is lame, but the attention-seeking status updates that beg for “Oh what’s WRONG??? You don’t deserve this, you wonderful person!” are far more lame. I’m on Josh’s side here, although it would’ve been funnier if he’d stopped at “You gotta admit, she went a few hours without a drama post.”

  10. Score…???? more like FAIL!

  11. now i’m just waiting for josh to show up, and start commenting about how awesome he is.

  12. I was amused. Don’t listen to the haters, Josh! lol.

  13. I thought it was okay, mainly because I hate:
    Jess says ugh, why even bother?
    Lucy says wts up bbe? x
    Jess says oh nothin

    Jess says nothin i wanan say on here. private stuff. text you later.

  14. I thought this was pretty funny.

  15. self submit fail

  16. I think it’s good in that it wasn’t one guy made a really lame comment that he thought was HIGH-larious, then sent it into Lamebook feeling all smug and satisfied about his brilliant comment that actually sucks.

    Although, to be fair, neither Josh nor… the other guy (tooooo lazy to check) were particularly funny.

  17. Hi ya’ll!!!!!!

  18. Jen is kind of lame, but who cares? It wasn’t that bad. Josh, on the other hand, is a douche. I could just see him scanning his friend’s status updates, looking for an opportunity to make some snide remark so that he could submit it to lamebook. And after all his planning that is the best he has to offer? Weak.

  19. hey jen, why don’t you do yourself a favor and delete them?

  20. Don’t u think ur girlfriend was HIGH-larious like me?

  21. i love that jen admits that she puts up drama statuses. her response to josh was “several days. ass.” so i guess she knows she’s a drama queen?

  22. MsBuzzkillington

    I have one person on my facebook that always gives me juicy material to send to lamebook. They never ever use it though. Maybe if I add in the website name my submission will be posted?

  23. I didn’t think it was that bad. She’s obviously an attention whore, and if she was really offended she would have deleted both of those guys. That being said…I miss seeing status updates full of drama. They provide a serious amount of vicarious entertainment. My friends are just full of lame shit about their cats, dogs and kids. BORING!

  24. I thought it was a pretty good one, but it is really funny that he took the screenshot 7 seconds after he commented. Like he just knew while he was writing it that he was going to submit it haha. That part is pretty lame

  25. But hers isn’t full of drama, it’s full of attention seeking. My guess is that her hair didn’t turn out so she’s wondering why she bothers blow drying it every day. And it’s more attention to demand they delete her rather than quietly delete them.

    She’s kind of my pet peeve Facebooker.

    Howdy, I hadn’t noticed that. That does up the lameness of self-submitting.

  26. People are always so reluctant to delete people who are pissing them off.. Maybe they’re worried about their friend count going down.
    I like how Jen’s defence to being accused of being a drama queen was ‘several days’ rather than ‘I’m not a drama queen!’
    At least she knows.
    She just more angry about her drama being interrupted xD

  27. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    Self-submitting isn’t the worst thing, and I think Josh is funny in his honesty, but leaving it more than 7secs would have quite substantially reduced the desperate-douche element of this.

  28. Why doesn’t Jen delete them instead of asking them to delete her? They’re obviously not the type of ‘friends’ she’d like to have on facebook. Jen is Ben.

  29. actually..I could not delete them from FB from my phone or I would have…yes, they are both douchey and planned all those comments so that they could post it on here and marvel at themselves on being masters of the universe… The commment was about two friends who went out and were fighting the whole time…why bother coming out if they are gonna sit and fight…they both happened to be on their phones at the time(I assumed on FB)…also, I don’t post all drama on FB, but when I am having a bad day and post something gloomy, Josh (who must not have anything better to do) likes to be the first to comment and make it worse…like he lives on FB just to scan his “friend’s” statuses to comment with some smart ass remarks…when I said “not all drama” I had gone back to look at my page and there were easily over a dozen posts in a row that were “happy”….so EFFFFFF you Josh and Dave…DELETED

  30. lol

  31. I’m lame to comment this late, but I find it rather hilarious that jen2010 here is desperately trying to explain this post as if we all knew (not to mention even want to know) who she was and trying to make her look better. OR, jen2010 is a troll? Either way, not too lame, but a little bit over the edge there jen2010.

    I actually think Josh’s last comment is best I’ve seen in the infamous category of “the posts which include the word lamebook”! Good job! I laughed!

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