Thursday, October 7, 2010

Who You KIDdin?

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  1. Προτος!

  2. baby please??

  3. That last one would be a really cute idea if it wasn’t such a creepy picture of the baby! 😐

  4. Isn’t the X-ray photo of that lady’s belly unsafe for the child? At least his/her parents will undoubtedly pass on their amazing artistic talents.

  5. I understand the pregnancy pictures, but do you have to ruin them with MS Paint? Not even mentioning the horrible sonogram/whatever edited on it. This makes me sad.

  6. To the person who was surprised at seeing the sign ‘Baby Banging Station’, perhaps you should disconnect your router and stay off the internet. I don’t think it’s your scene.

  7. That last one… wowser. Those 3D sonogram pictures are creepy as hell. Then to ‘Shop it on top of the belly and add the text too. It looks like she’s giving birth to Quatto from Total Recall.

  8. Ha, Comments. Awesome.

  9. Amy must be one of those pedophile school teachers.

  10. Thanks Wordy 😉

  11. That baby has no chance. It’s photo-shopping mom is name Kirim

  12. *named

  13. The last one is a 3-D ultrasound. They are becoming more popular lately I guess. But it’s kind of disturbing. lol.

  14. I fail. I didn’t notice someone already pointed out it was 3-D.

  15. To be honest, the first one does look even older than three or three and a half months. Closer to four and a half or five months old, even if it is a close up. But the fetus does have to be at least 4 months old because they don’t start sucking their thumb until 4 months, which he/she appears to be doing.

  16. So I just looked at my son’s sonograms and those looks like mine from 28 weeks… Just sayin’

  17. I like Amy!

  18. reproachfulrabbit

    I don’t want to see the inside of a stranger’s uterus. Ever.

  19. #15 and 16

    Thinking back to biology 453: it’s definitely not in the 1st trimester because it’s already developed (ie it has a nose, limbs, etc). I think that’s the joke- a close up wouldn’t make a difference if it was an embryo (under 12 weeks). Stupid Louis for not knowing that right? No! Stupid lamebook for thinking that we’re all child development experts like Jenni’s dad!

  20. I hope this gets followed up with some placenta recipes.

  21. Oh .. and Amy … while you’re waiting, look me up.

  22. Tikitommy-please tell me you were joking. Otherwise your comment deserves to be right here on lamebook.

  23. MsBuzzkillington

    Oh!!! Someone took the C off and put it on the H! That is so FUNNY!

  24. I registered just to say that #2 would have said “baby hanging station” if someone just pulled the C off and hadn’t messed with the H; which I think is way more funny.

  25. benim adım kerim fena sikerim

  26. I was perusing Lamebook inaware that my 3 y/o was looking over my shoulder (I know, right?). Suddenly he was in my face pointing to that last picture saying “She has a turd on your puter!”

  27. That’s looking a lot like my sisters 10 week twin sonogram if you zoomed in.
    She probably is lying though. I hope she is, because that’d be way more interesting.

  28. That u/s looks just like the two I got of my son, one at 18 weeks and one at 22.

  29. #26 I literally LOL’d.

  30. That last photo says it was added Sept 12 but the album is called “Our lil christmas baby” If she still has 3 more months to go, either her doctor is retarded or that baby is gonna be HUGE.

  31. Cabbitch, baby was conceived @ Christmas.

  32. Yeah the 1st one is more than 3 months old. That baby looks older than my son did at 21 weeks. But about the same age as my nephew looked at 21 weeks. And they thought my baby would be huge. It looks roughly 21-22 weeks which is nearly 5 and a half months. So it’s definitely not his.

  33. Ahhh….yeah that makes much more sense =/ I guess I would be the retarded one then hahaha

  34. Ugh…what is with people and creepy pregnancy pictures? Their kids are going to look at those 15 years from now and want to throw-up. The ones with wings and photoshopped fetuses are just wrong.

  35. Quaid! Start the reactor!

  36. that last one is just about the creepiest thing I’ve seen is a long time….

  37. The last one is creepy not only because it looks hideous, but also because the white lily traditionally represents death >.<'

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