Thursday, May 5, 2011


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  1. vonmistelroum



  3. ^ You remind me of Matt Damon

  4. Jonathon got way too much joy out of those jokes.

  5. Not Grandma

  6. Ok honestly, how does shit like this happen? Do ppl really have that many randoms on their Facebook pages that this sort of scenario is even possible? WTF? And why does it seem to happen so often?

  7. Don’t like it. Revenge of the 6th is phonetically much more appropriate.

  8. @ Hazl – You could read 5 as an S

  9. @slippyslappy – I used to get emails from a woman that was certain I was her daughter-in-law, no matter how many times I told her otherwise. But on Facebook? I don’t know. Maybe Rose has no privacy settings? I’ve been able to comment on the photos of some people I’m not friends with, because they don’t set them to private.

  10. It’s possible she just accepts all friend requests. A lot of people do.

  11. have it set so that anyone can comment on my stuff, due to the fact I have a lot of band pictures and hate having their fangirls add me… and usually accepts all friend requests.

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