Thursday, January 21, 2010

Background Checks!

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  1. These aren’t lame they’re just shit pictures.

  2. Yup. Nothing beats sitting in a puddle of trapped water with a bunch of strangers oozing or gushing stuff.

  3. lol…. the first oen is.. odd.. and the last one is just… weird… whose room is that?

  4. hahaha at the first one!

    these are both clearly taken by JR high kids. Nobody over the age of 13 would have posters like that in their room…well…

  5. Brick walls in the 2nd one. That usually screams “dorm room”.

  6. First one, wow. That’s like took all the space in the pic rather than being the background. Talk about splashing through!

    Is the second one a shot from Barney Stinson’s room with non-identical twins in it?

  7. i like that the second photo is one of “Haylee’s Favorite Pictures”.

  8. Judging from the guy in the background, her tops been open for a while.

  9. Maybe he just had an itch? Orrrr he’d been in the water so long he was worried it was all shrivelled up…

  10. My favorite part about the first one…
    “Profile Pictures”

    You want to be known on Facebook as “the chick with the horny dude in the background masturbating.”

  11. Haha I was going to say I wonder if they actually noticed that in the background but then I noticed that it said “my profile pictures” so I’m guessing so…

  12. Crop the pictures, you retarts. Gah, what a waste of perfectly good oxygen.

  13. welll, the first picture is me. and i DID NOT know that was being done thank you very much.
    and afterwards it was just a really funny picture.
    and i didnt make this my profie picture, he did.

  14. wow what’s so great about the second one, two girls who took their pic in their guy friends distastefully decorated dorm room, big deal.

  15. @nashntth – retards*. Gah, what a waste of a perfectly misspelled word.

  16. #1 @.@ “Look Ma, I’ave 3 legs!”

  17. Your Dumber Than We Though Garunteed

    This is the worst Lamebook post ever.

  18. I’d say that bikini in the first picture is a definite win!

  19. Oh my. Wonder what he’s packing?

  20. @nashntth – Lamebook is apparently the wrong place to use spelling-related in-jokes. The Grammar Nazi regime keeps a crack team (har har) of anal-retentives on hand to pounce upon anything that trips their hardwired, inflexible spell-check. I’m pretty sure their eyes have adapted to actually display a squiggly red line under misspelled words.

  21. @minnie99 Retart, although not a real word, is a term I use daily. Perfect way to describe some young women. xx

  22. if the back is as good as the front, i’d be doing what he’s doing too.

  23. I would have thought the “retart” thing has been around for long enough by now for people to stop attempting to correct it, along with some smart comment.

  24. I’d rub one out over her (top) – nice rack.

  25. @kathleen Don’t you see? It’s almost become a long running inside joke, or game really, for someone to spell a word like “retart” and for someone to correct it.

  26. I think most people on Lamebook should join this group on facebook, as its what a lot of people do!

  27. I was really hoping to see some good good.

  28. The second one’s really not that special. When I was a freshman in college, my next-door neighbors who were guys had the same Brooke Burke poster on the wall and I and a friend had a picture taken when it just happened to be in the background.

  29. @15, when saying, reading, or writing ‘retarts’ doesn’t make me smile anymore, I’ll quit doing it. 🙂

  30. There is a person behind the guy with his hand down his pants, I wonder what he or she is doing there?

  31. BWAHAHAHAHAH @ msjessiemeghan

  32. And is dilysin a pseudonym for Captain Obvious? Can’t be, the person in front is obviously a chick, not a guy. Come back Captain Obvious, the world needs you!

  33. minnie99 is a retart

  34. @Awful: look again. Those aren’t his feet. Is awful a pseudonym for ass who doesn’t look at the whole picture?

  35. mallery you got nice tits.

    could be bigger though

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