Thursday, January 21, 2010

Race Rants

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  1. Frankie McBaseball


  2. I don’t have a passport because when I travel 300 miles in any direction I’m still not outside the U.S. When you travel 300 miles you’re either in the ocean or half way to Asia.

  3. the ocoans arnt owned by anyone retard

  4. socialised health care is a bad thing HOW? i dont know anything about politics but i dont see how people can be in favour of spending hundreds/thousands of dollars on pills and medicine which in England is like the equivalent of less than $10. i dunno, other than potentially huge government spending increase and debt (which is already there anyway..)

    whats the problem?

  5. Well after a little research I see that was a bad estimate… however, the distance between here (Ohio) and California is 800 miles further than the distance from London to the Ukraine. And in that distance I would have used my passport 0 times, while you would have used yours 6 times. So why do I need a passport?

  6. @ maitro, I didn’t claim you needed a passport to enter the ocean.
    If that’s what you picked up then you have under estimated me, fool.

  7. I THINK and I quote think because I saw it on information for a flight to Spain last year, that to travel in Europe a passport is not needed, just photo identification such as a driving licence. So if that is the case then lilmudface no I wouldn’t have used my passport 6 times. How did you figure 6 times out anyway? Do you not have direct flights in America?

  8. Oh and the UK is a little bit bigger than 300 miles long lilmudface, maybe you should research a bit better?

  9. Awwwwww, leave lilmudface alone, he is quite happy playing in dirt with no shoes on fantasizing about fucking his sister to have any need to expand his horizons by traveling outside of his own county let alone his country. Poor little fella.

  10. This shit isn’t funny anymore 🙁
    The comments used to be so funny 🙁 🙁
    Still a few nice ones in between though!

  11. I love when people bitch about how much they hate hearing the opinions of others, and then proceed to rant about how they feel. Classic.

  12. @ Sensible Madness. I’m Adam, aka. dickwad, asstard, Viagra abuser… You’re absolutely right about everything you said about me. I’m sorry that a private facebook conversation between my wife and I upset you so much. Please find it in your heart to forgive me. I’m sorry that my comment offended you. Your right, I use my penis to inject my political opinions when ever I can. From now on I’ll try to think less with my penis and more with my head when it comes to politics. Again, please forgive me. When I lay my head on pillow tonight, I will say a silent prayer for you.. and ask god to help me with my political erection. I hope this isn’t to little to late, but I’ve learned my lesson… I won’t be able to swing a hammer for the rest of my life without a heavy heart thinking of what might have been if you hadn’t saved me. Thank you for opening my eyes to how much of an asstard I have become. God bless you.

    btw. I’m an Iraq war vet and a police officer.. You’ll need a lot more than a hammer. I make a difference every day with my ACTIONS, not comments. Thank you for being hilariously stupid. VOTE OBAMA! YES WE CAN!

  13. @ adam aka gewtersnake. I’m pretty sure Iraq war vets and police officers can still be killed by a hammer to the dome. Thank you for the service to our country but that doesn’t stop you from being accountable for having ignorant views. Obama is no saint but he isn’t all bad either. The problems you listed were not caused by Obama or Bush or any one person but rather are generational problems. Maybe instead of trying to place blame for ideological purposes, go out and try to solve these problems by educating yourself on them and how to solve them without creating further social and economic inequity in America and the broader world. Don’t have time to do that? Then shut the fuck up.

  14. @ insert clever name here – You are of course correct. As everyone knows, visiting Lichtenstein gives you carte blanch to write whatever you like on the internet. Did your satnav know where it was or did you “discover” it while on your bear grylls type escapade through darkest Europe. Well done sir. I hope your brain freeze lifts soon so you can wow us with some of the other exotic locations that you have had the privilege of visiting. Here is a tip, if you have been to the UK, cheat and say that you have been to England, Scotland, Wales and NI. Boom. 4 countries for the price of one. No thanks necessary.

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