Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A subtle reminder to just stay in bed…

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  1. whoever is running this site need a kick in the arse.

    No post for weeks and then a lame post like this??

  2. RIght? A week of waiting for this?

  3. … and its fake as.

  4. Ehm, I like it.

  5. Eggnogs – What? You want your money back?

    There was a post on 7/26 – it hasn’t been weeks.

  6. Wendyjane – Most of us are not post menopausal hag who are happy with just a slap on the butt cheek every once in a while. We need our daily fix. Last post was updated on 7/26 not added.

  7. Sorry eggnogs, you are wrong. And you do sound like a post-menopausal hag.

  8. The Beast Among Us

    This is Lamebook, so a lame post is definitely very fitting.

    Ya’ll fukt.

  9. Like I asked eggnogs – you want your money back?

    You’re complaining about a free site as if you’re being cheated out of something. If the site not being updated often enough for your tastes bothers you this much you really need to examine your life.

  10. Lol, it’s been a while since you’ve pulled this hacking stunt Beast. As for you ladies throwing your purses at each other, keep it up. At least there is something worth logging on for.
    Oh look, ended my sentence with a preposition, jump on it!

  11. How many times must we play Taps?

    Then bam!!!!!…. it’s like Easter Sunday and Lamebook returns from the dead with 4 new posts.

  12. Most of us are

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  16. I hate you Beast, and as a punishment I’m not going to let you rate my post.

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