Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wow, Mom!

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  1. etownegeatgmaildotcom

    first…i’m gettin good at this…n00bs

  2. Jamie Harding’s looling is so epic, they didn’t bother hiding his name…

  3. I give my previous comment 10 minutes.

    I’m all for pole dancing. It’s some pretty difficult shit. It’s not a bad idea to start young. Sure wish I had.

  4. “Ya see, Isabel, as my spawn you’re never gonna get scholarshipped. The only way you’re gonna be able to pay fer schoolin’ starts right here on the pole.”

  5. CommentsAtLarge

    mmm… bacon

    Pole dancin’ mom has some serious tan lines going on.

    and lastly What.the.hell?

  6. “You know I mighta been born just plain white trash, but Fancy was a-my name.”

  7. Yeah, lauren

  8. The stripper pole is NOT where I would want my kid…even as a joke.

  9. keysersoze1001

    wow….way to go tan line chick, you win the worst mother of the year award

  10. @keysersoze1001 – really? worst mother of the year? it might be a tasteless photo, but the baby isn’t in any danger… Anne Geddes makes a living stuffing babies into flower pots – she’s the real monster.

  11. That pole-dancing picture has been making the rounds of the internet for so long now that the kid is probably old enough to be a stripper for real.

  12. I stuck my baby in a bumbo chair, and surrounded her with purple mums. very cute pictures. she was very cheerful, and enjoyed it, especially the ripping apart the flowers part. I’ve taken pictures when she’s decided to run around the house in nothing but a diaper and her winter boots…(I may have added some fairy wings, which she also liked, and I now have proof that Fairies wear boots…you gotta believe me..) I feel bad for fairly new babies that get stuck in pumpkins at halloween just cause they fit..cause that’s just wrong, cold, and slimy. I’ve got pictures of her playing dressup as a cowgirl, and a princess, and ones I can embarass her later on with for sure. Cute pictures that don’t demean my kid. That baby is just that…a baby. and how any mother could take a picture of her little girl dressed up as a stripper is definatly tasteless, and honestly….who even thinks of that? I’ve never thought it would be fun to dress up my kid as a stripper, not as a joke, and that just makes me feel sick that someone else could. I’m starting to think there should be a process akin to that of an adoption process in order for people to reproduce. Jesus.

  13. Wow Frankie, do you need a publisher for that awesome book you just wrote?

  14. Frankie, taste is subjective, I find what you described as a disgusting exhibition of your child for your own amusement, who is to say that this kid doesn’t find playing dress up as Krystal the 2 dollar hooker as enjoyable, the only thing wrong with the pic is the fishnets not put on properly and lack of clear heels, c’mon tan line mum, sort it out, you are making a show of your kid!

  15. Am I the only one who sees that that is a lamp and not a stripper pole? Or who knows that pole dancing is a legitimate exercise? And this is no more disgusting than people taking pictures of their kids with alcohol containers or letting their 5-year-olds wear low rise jeans.

  16. Well yeah, suziefunbags, but for the record, those things are pretty disgusting too.

  17. suziefunbags, your argument is invalidated by the hot pink baby-sized lingerie and fishnets. That’s what makes the photo go from “aww, that’s kind of funny and cute” to “aww, trailer trash mama wants pedobear to visit her house.”

  18. I think the baby’s stripper attire disturbs me more than holding her up against the pole. Where the fuck do you buy that sort of shit? Pedos R Us?!?!

  19. O!M!G! and rarely do I use that phrase. This stuff is down right hysterical. I really think that the pink outfit is the same outfit mom wears to work.

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