Monday, December 14, 2009

Cheated and Defeated





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  1. 1st?

  2. congrats

  3. Damn Ruth, you kind of suck. Even if it is a joke.

  4. it doesn’t sound like a joke to me. just sounds like catty high school crap to me.

  5. 4th!!! it’s the new 1st. facebook room guy is right. hope the death thing is a joke…

  6. hah. balls.

  7. John FTW

  8. Those titties ain’t retarded!

  9. The sad part is Lauren’s boyfriend dumped her for the retarded chick because he wanted to have more intellectually stimulating conversations.

  10. Dan’s got some awesome friends!

  11. Who the hell names their kid Ruth anyway

  12. Ruth is acting all superior to try and hide her jealousy because she knows that SHE’S not gonna be the one who wakes up at 4am in the back seat of Eric’s car with a roofie hangover and a sore ass.

    At this late stage, she’ll be lucky to get the president of the chess club to take her to homecoming, which means the most she can hope for is 20 minutes of some greasy acne-scarred dork trying unsuccessfully to unclasp her bra followed by premature ejaculation and the rest of the night alone with her father’s liquor cabinet.

  13. ‘butt booty nakie’

    In my mind, all I can picture is some guy who’s totally smooth, like a ken doll…

  14. @ Pikachu – Super religious people name their kids Ruth. That’s who. Obviously this little bitch missed a couple Sunday School lessons.

  15. If I was peanut allergy boy I would start my hunt for the peanut smearer at John’s house.

    I fucking hate people with peanut allergies, they are such pathetic cunts.

  16. @ Mercure How dare those stupid people react to peanuts!

  17. So many of us have special needs, yet are neglected.

  18. I would love to get my hands on a peanut based aerosol spray and attack all of those assholes that are allergic to peanuts!!!

    If Lauren had of paid more attention to her boyfriend by servicing him, then he wouldn’t have shacked up with a special needs person. Gotta dip the wick Lauren!

    Ruth wins for having the biggest and most damaging cat claws on facebook. Ice Queen!

    @Sensible Madness: Please take this coffee and doughnut as a sign of respect for your LMFAO comments.

  19. anonymouse
    December 14th, 2009 at 3:31 pm
    ‘butt booty nakie’

    In my mind, all I can picture is some guy who’s totally smooth, like a ken doll…

    OMFG! I just spit water! That was fucking hilarious!

    Anonymouse FTW!

  20. What a bitch Ruth is..

    But more importantly, why are they on facebook so god damn early?! Don’t people sleep anymore these days?

  21. Sounds like someone will have their special needs attended to.

  22. I think Lauren’s boyfriend is a teacher as she refers to the special needs kid as student and not girl or somthing similar

  23. I think Lauren’s boyfriend is a teacher as she refers to the special needs kid as student and not girl or somthing similar and thats why she

  24. I think Lauren’s boyfriend is a teacher as she refers to the special needs kid as student and not girl or somthing similar and thats why she would think it be illegal

  25. my bad on multiple posts on a really laggy connection right now

  26. LMAO @ the peanut butter one!

  27. that first one reminds me of The Ringer…

  28. @Rob: Five pm or two pm? Do you think everyone should be in bed by noon or something?

  29. runningwithscissors

    Dan vs. peanut butter
    If Dyllan likes Dan’s status, maybe Dan should ask Dyllan why he did that.
    Maybe Dan is the ‘special needs’ student that Lauren’s referring to in her post. I could see why Lauren would be pissed.

  30. The Scarlet Pimple

    Man, Lauren…that’s…that’s pretty bad.

  31. I call a fake on the Dan/Peanut butter one! If he were on FB while in the hospital, it would indicate that it was from a mobile. And, If one of his friends actually posted that Dan passed away, he wouldn’t be joking about his virginity. I hope. Lol.

    Sensible Madness, you make me laugh out loud!

  32. @ Bry:

    You can have internet in the hospital. My friend does it now. Ever hear of a laptop?

  33. Okay. This guy is an idiot. If he is deathly allergic to peanut butter, chances are it would make his hands swell up and and he wouldn’t be able to type.


  34. I don’t think the first one is lame, since it is technically illegal to have intercourse with someone mentally retarded, since they are incapable of consent.

  35. @lupea: A ‘special needs’ person is not necessarily one whom is ‘mentally retarded’! This person could be Autistic/High Function Autistic (Socially Inept, Academically Brilliant). Also i have met Down Syndrome people who show a higher level of intelligence than people i have met that aren’t special needs!

  36. @insane

    THANK YOU. I am special needs and I am far from “retarded”. I also work with Autistic/AS people like myself as well as Down’s Syndrome patients and the guys with Down’s get by better than a lot of people who DON’T have it because they are content with their lives and not always looking for the next best thing. They don’t give a crap what other people think, and make the most out of what they have even though 1/4th of them their families moved away once they turned 18 and stuffed them into a group home.

    By the way, even if you’re “mentally retarded” (what is this 1970?), you’re not banned from having sex. People in the 70-100 IQ range are perfectly capable of grasping the concept of “yes” and “no” and some even go on to have children.

  37. @PixelGrimace: You’re most welcome! Although I must admit I was defending my brother’s honour as he is one of the most intelligent people I know…and he’s a teenager!

    IQ is all a joke anyway. IQ is mainly tested on Academic Intelligence and ignores other ways other people can be smart. If you are unfamiliar may I suggest looking up Howard Gardner’s (multiple intelligences) and Robert Sternberg’s (three facets if inteeligence) alternative theories on Intellect? These guys are brilliant and are onto a good thing.

  38. hear hear, we shouldn’t stop retards from having sex – if they’re sexy that is..

  39. @insane

    I used IQ more as an example of what “range” people who have Downs are considered to be in. I know how inaccurate and biased it can be…

    Where I’m from they actually used to sterlize anyone who scored 70 or lower on an iq test (they did this up until 1972) and not tell them. Send them in for appendix surgery and then they’d come back out with no reproductive organs. They later found out that the tests were administered incorrectly…oops!

  40. @finally: sounds you are an expert on sleeping with the mentally handicapped! Please, do tell us more!

  41. You put your left foot in, you pull your left foot out.
    Just trying to help.

  42. LMFAO while hitting the desk, wooting! Good work Anita, good work!

  43. Anitalaff: bahahahahaha

  44. John FTW !

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