Monday, December 14, 2009

Home Sweet House Arrest


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  1. Secret_Squirrel FTW!

    That is a fantastic choice of words… 🙂

  2. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    I have a foot tattoo. It doesn’t look like shit though. I think this photo’s lovely. I’m going to go out, find a criminal boyfriend with a creepy affection for The Little Mermaid, commit a crime (Bonnie & Clyde styleeee), get put under house arrest and take a picture to show all you jealous haters. Then when we finally get the tags taken off, I’m going to ask if I can keep one, to use either as my baby’s christening bracelet, or as a cock ring. Haven’t decided which yet.

  3. #’ 49, 50, 52: LMFAO! I just regurgitated a bit of my dinner. Bravo!!!

    Seriously after looking at her foot again I am starting to get a little aroused. Thanks Lamebook! You have made me learn that I have a foot fetish! Now who’s got some unwanted Tin-ea? I’m hungry!!!

  4. @ 51 & 53 ~ Thank you! *Hands out free cookies in celebration of the good times* 🙂

  5. I like the cookie!

    thank you very much for the tasty treat secret_squirrel! may your chosen entity smile upon you with great fortune!

  6. If you cast back a few weeks, you can see a clearer version of this ‘beautiful / disaster’ ambigram tattoo – written large across some girl’s flabby gut.
    And you thought the feet were digusting . . .

  7. Heres that big momma and her beautiful (barf) disaster tat.

  8. hahahaha betcha families are sooo proud of you two, showing the world wot outstanding pillars of your community you are.
    next time try _buying_ your ankle bracelets, the ones jewellers’ sell a lot sexier than those plastic electronic ones you get from the home office..

  9. An ambigram tattoo is about as lame as it gets, b/c the cleverness of it wears off in about 5 seconds

  10. WallOfMountingStuff

    Apparently everyone posting on Lamebook is a foot model. *rolls eyes*

  11. If I headdesked any harder the damn table would split.

  12. A family that commits crime together STAYS together….by court order it appears! hehe

  13. Christmas is so much better when the State pays for the jewelry presents

  14. @WallOfMountingStuff – It doesn’t take much to confuse me this time of the morning, but congrats, you did it. I think “Me” actually admitted that she has ugly feet. I don’t have ugly feet, but they aren’t “foot model” material.

    To you sir, I roll my eyes. *rolls eyes*

  15. omg ma sista an er boyf both ad tagz and dey av a piccy lik dis.
    am neva gona get a tag cos i am cleva than ma sis, she as 2kidz alredy an sh iz 16.
    am gona av 4 kidz but wen am 18 n olda

  16. @Svetlana: LMFAO!!!

    @Princessbabe13: Um What!?

  17. Princessbabe13 is a n00b troll.

  18. Her feet look lovely to me, I don’t get why you think her toes look strange. I think they look much more conventionally beautiful than those women who have toes all different lengths with the one after the big toe being super long. She’s bracing her foot on his, also, so that is why it looks curved and the toes are a little tensed.

    There is something sweet about this. Until, you know, I found out that the crime they committed together was raping a horse or something.

  19. @57 “Me” ——- OMG! I wasn’t sure what was on the pic…A blob with black hole door in fancy writting or huge artistic canvas!
    But it is only a fat chick with a tattoo…My Bad!

    I better be careful not to get fat like that or someone will post my pics on lamebook…got a tattoo on my hip as well…

    thx for the motivation to stay fit 🙂

  20. Lidz- r u stupid or wat? its a normal foot. theres something wrong with ur computer or u…. i think its u

  21. @Lidz… Note their pretty anklets ; )

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