Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dear Nicki

More Nicki fan mail Here.

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  1. Why would they blot out the last name only to reveal it at the end of the letter?

  2. This guy is a dumb bastard.
    Nicki Minaj hate I can kind of understand, but Lil Wayne and Drake are two of the most talent rappers in the business.

  3. Not fake.

  4. All these robot things on here are very immature and annoying. I fucked Tristan.

  5. I take it Tristan has AIDS.

  6. i’ve always found it interesting that someone who has contributed NOTHING to this world feels like their opinion is SO important that they can tell a person who has worked their ass off 24/7 for years that their contribution isn’t a good one. well, judging by the millions of fans she has…i’d say that she has successfully connected and connected with a LOT of people. until you can say the same…stop being a hater.

  7. Fakkkkke.

  8. Whoa! Calm down footlooseworm. You’re gonna soil your drawers!

  9. @capnjaques well, i’ve done a bunch of work for her (did media relations for her current tour) and she’s nice as fug. annoys me when people shit on her for no reason…

  10. Not reading that. But if I had to guess lame book posted something stupid

  11. Nearly a million people liked this?

  12. but she has a head like a smashed crab, footlongworms, and she’s a fucking POP SINGER.
    cunt don’t get no respects here. uh-uh.

  13. …I don’t care if she’s ‘nice as fug’. because that doesn’t even fucking mean anything.
    fug? is that short for fugly?

  14. Footlooseworm, everyone has contributed something to the world, that something could be good, bad, huge or near inconsequential. Even stoners. Also, while peer review may be more valid, everyone has, or should have, the right to voice their opinion, no matter how ridiculous it may be.

  15. …except if that opinion shall be in defense of an annoying piece of plasticized human garbage, and then you got the right to shut the fuck up, or go masturbate over smashed crab lady somewhere else.

  16. Hey, did you guys know if you play her music backwords it says “this sucks”?

  17. *backwards…

  18. This guybis an ignorant douche if he thinks Drake is on the same level as Nicki Minaj. He sounds like a huge asshole.

  19. F

  20. I like how people think hating rap music makes them smarter.

  21. ^ That’s not entirely true. Liking rap music drops one’s intelligence.

  22. post of the year.

  23. Holy. Fucking. Shit.
    Was footlooseworm serious?? “i’ve done a bunch of work for her.” I couldn’t give two shits or a flying fuck, she still sucks! Suck is suck. It’s pretty simple.
    Those “millions” of fans you refer to? Yeah, guess what? Doesn’t mean she doesn’t suck. Apparently 902,000+ people think she sucks… and that’s just one facebook post!

    And Evilcow, come fucking on. Lil wayne and ‘Fake’ suck, too. Goddamn troll.
    I hate you all.

  24. It sickens me that the next generation are taking their morals and ambitions from people like her.

  25. Everyone that says they hate rap or country is a self-righteous virgin.

  26. Hey, the Spice Girls sold millions of albums…

    …but I don’t know anybody who owns one.

  27. god, i don’t even know why i’m wasting my time:

    but, everyone who’s NOT in the music industry thinks it’s so easy. it’s like you people honestly think someone gets chosen at random to “blow up” and then BOOM…they’re famous.

    it’s so ignorant to ignore the YEARS of sacrifice that goes into “making it” in the industry. she got where she is because she’s super good at what she does. she writes songs that MILLIONS of people can relate to. if you think it’s so easy…why don’t you give it a try? and, fyi, one hit wonders can tell you how hard it is to “blow up” and sustain it.

    i’m sorry, but to dislike someone’s music is fine. shit, i don’t listen to nicki minaj. but, to attempt to discredit someone’s entire life’s work when you’re a fuck’n loser on their mom’s computer is at least a little retarded.

  28. FLW, I’m just gonna go ahead and put this out there. You’re wasting your time because you took the bait. Sorry guys!

  29. Is there a length limit on posts now or something?

  30. Wtf! Why are my posts not showing up?!

  31. Fuck it, I give up, this is ridiculous!

  32. fuck off footlong worms.
    you really are quite the fucking drone, aintcha? ooh, but you’re in the *music industry*, so I guess that you, at least, think you’re pretty cool. Newsflash – that tortured bullshit that pop singers make isn’t music. so you’re not really in the music industry, at all, are you dickhead?

    tell me some more about the fucking time sacrifice that those vacuous, boardroom-produced ‘stars’ have made. tell me about all the sheer bloody hours that bieber, for instance, had to sweat and strain to make it to the top.

    and when your done making up bullshit there, tell me how these painted, plastic, talentless pieces of crap have made positive changes in our world.

    or you could just fuck off.

  33. *YOU’RE

  34. Hey Ms., I’m not sure if everyone else realizes this. Even though FLW says he/she works in the music industry, when he/she says they work in media relations, what they really mean is they’re a member of a street team and get to don their “swag” and go ’round handing out stickers and put posters up and shit, for free.

  35. Hey FLW,
    Let me tell you about another person who dedicated their life to “making it” in their chosen field. He reached the absolute pinnacle of success in his profession and was loved and respected by millions.

    He got where he was because he was intelligent, had an excellent work ethic and had an amazing ability to connect with his audience.

    Can you guess who I’m talking about?

  36. Yeah shut up footloose, it’s obviously incredibly easy to make it in the music industry and all the currently successful musicians are awful with no talent. That’s why so many people try and fail, because they are too talented. You should hear—

    You know what fuck it, I was trying to do a satirical post, but putting myself in the mindset of people like Msanne and Capn was just too damn depressing.

  37. ^also;- you’re completely shit at it.

  38. Maybe that’s because I find it hard to relate to someone who’s as much of an asshole as you.

  39. so why do you keep trying and failing?
    hey, asshat – when do your carers next come to change you? can you ask them to just smother you with a fucking pillow or something?

  40. Hitler! I was talking about Hitler. 🙂

  41. Honestly Franky, I thought you were going to bust out and say Steve Jobs/Irwin, or something.

  42. No way, Capn. Straight in with the jackpot point-scorer!

  43. Good deal.

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