Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Best of “Meets”


Staff Picks

Meet Hellen

Meet Shameful

Meet Ashley

Meet Mizzy

Meet Damika

Don’t forget about our newest Meet:  Sabrina

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  1. Mizzy is easily the best. TOOT DAT THANG UP!

  2. The best of fake:

    This is fake.
    Faker than fake.
    How fake.
    This post is fake.
    Lamebook is fake.

  3. Hellen Keller toot dat thang up!

  4. toddvanhamburger

    Bahahaha! That Hellen Keller post is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. asdl;fkjasldfjasdlfkasldklka

  5. That nigga be wack n shit!

  6. Ashwei is a twink. His best friend submitted this like two monthes ago and linked him to it…fuckin’ repost…damn it lamebook, wtf is wrong with you today?!

  7. Hellen isn’t funny at all. Her jokes make absolutely no sense.

  8. I like this planet, you get off.

    That third one’s a repost on every site that has any funny pictures anywhere.

  9. The comment ratings disappeared. Hmm…

  10. Oh dear lord, I thought Mizzy was talking about her actual baby for a minute there.

  11. ^she is.

  12. Fail

  13. Damn, that’s SUCH an important moment in a hoodrat’s life – when her baby-daddy-baby sucks her big black trash bags hard enough to cause a hickey for the first time. I am about to fucking tear up over here, I’m so overcome with emotion.

    Anyway, just what the fuck does a hickey look like on a black? Is it red? Is it white? Darker black??

    Also, Hellen Keller jokes are always a good hit, and I hope every other OP fucking dies of a really fucking bad case of scabies.

  14. KA, what are you like the “fail” version of T? You’ll never be as funny as him, because all you’ve done is steal his gimmick and change the word. Get your own, bottomfeeder!

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