Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Midday Wins

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  1. Why was Frosty the Snowman so excited?

  2. He heard the snow blower was coming to town.


  4. Midday fakes.

  5. Why dodgeball and not paintball?

  6. t2000 please fuck off.

  7. Yeah, fuck off.

  8. Beatd cheese, no. Shut up.

  9. Why all the thumbs down for lilypants…I thought it was funny. You can can flog me later for saying this, but what’s up with all the fake in this thread gais?

  10. All of you fuck off. You’re all fake and will be assimilated.

  11. Not me

  12. T2000. Get you butt in the house now before you get a spanking. Stop playing with the big boys…you are not ready yet.

  13. I fucked Christi.

  14. Any good?

  15. This place is being overrun by a couple of 11-year-old idiots pretending to be a bunch of robots.

  16. midday fails

  17. 9 = dead man posting…

  18. Doubtful, these all look like legitimate posts with the exception of c Jenny.

  19. they should just bukake each other

  20. half the comments are fake or from trollbots

  21. This place is starting to suck hairy kangaroo balls.

  22. ahahah! ‘starting to’.

    /wipes away tear of mirth

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