Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Chronicles of Riddickulous

Check out this awesome fan art from the Vin Diesel Facebook page:

Jump on over to Vin Diesel’s Facebook page to see even more of the best fan art you’ve ever seen!

Vin Diesel’s Facebook Page

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  1. I got here fast and furious to be the first to post.

  2. ^ Hopefully I was the first one to rate your toolish comment down.

  3. I scorpion kinged to be the first to post.

  4. WTF is with the elephants?

  5. WTF is with the fake?

  6. It’s a good job Vin doesn’t look like the third member of Right Said Fred ain’t it? Or we could all be in for a vigorous bumming.

    beatus The elephants represent the fact that Vin has won the American Memory Championship two years running.

  7. T2000 is fake

  8. Incorrect.

  9. Vin is letting the gay community down by being photographed in a badly pressed suit.

  10. Comment 5… made me laugh out loud; co-incidentally making my g/f happy cos she thought I was laughing at her story she was telling me.


  11. yep this is fail alright

  12. Angels are not like diamonds. Diamonds can be made and angels don’t even fucking exist.

  13. ^fake

  14. Originally meant for #10 but I will apologize for nothing.

  15. Vin Diesel is Hot

  16. vin diesel is looking more and more like h. jon benjamin.

  17. @3, Vin Diesel wasn’t the Scorpion King.

  18. You’re right, MsAnne. Funny. Those freaky eyes and shaved head and face shape… just cut that beard of h. jon, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

    Also, robot boy(s) – I’d rather see a fucking nutty rich dot com $5098 in one month comment from the spammers than “fake” from you. Can you PLEASE go die now? I’ll help!

  19. ^NOT robots, Nails. NOT. ROBOTS.


  20. ^ They’re not fucking morons, MsAnne. They’re just idiots, and they aren’t fucking anything other than their hands.

  21. I meant morans, anyway.

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