Tuesday, August 14, 2012


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  1. Fake. USA did not land on mars.

  2. It’s was not fake! The pictures of it are all over the Internet, and the Internet does not lie!

  3. “UAS”? Maybe Fat George goes to my former college, the University of Albany, where UAS was the company that owned and operated our dining halls.

  4. Here it comes…

  5. Walkin’ down the street…

  6. If you EVERY TIME think that it’s fake, fake, fake, why bother coming here? It’s so annoying and it’s always the same people that say it. people really are mean on facebook, and they really do say stupid things, a lot. So do everyone a favor and stfu. Thanks.

  7. This is actually pretty spot on. This showed up like 15 times right after the Olympics were over and every single person that posted it was a fat idiot from my high school.

  8. Why do I still follow Lamebook on Twitter? I used to bitch about them a lot, but their tweets (like the one that linked me here) are especially twatty. They’re like the idiot friend on Facebook that people like to screenshot and mock.

  9. Right fucking on.

  10. Also, US olympians are not an accurate representation of the typical American.

  11. @ michelle – It’s his schtick. Get over it

    @ Beard Cheese – As opposed to every other country that simply plucks their Olympic athletes off the street corner?

  12. @8: Heh, You follow lamebook on Twitter. Too funny.

    @10: No shit, Captain Obvious. Olympic athletes represent the best of the best in sports for that country. Who would have fucking thought they didn’t represent the populace as a whole? You’re way too much of a goddamn genius to be here on lamebook, all commenting and whatnot. You should probably go now.

  13. What do you call a guy with no arms and no legs laid out on your doorstep? Matt.

  14. That time of the month, Nails?

  15. What did one tampon say to the other?

  16. Nothing. They were both stuck up bitches.

  17. Nails, the point is that the picture suggests that because America topped the medal chart at the Olympics, then Americans aren’t fat. BEard Cheese pointed out what a stupid link to be drawn. It might as well say “Has a black president, so everybody in the USA is black”. If you weren’t so busy trying to cover up your limited years on this planet by acting like a tough guy, you might have taken a second to understand it. Shame…

  18. @3 Nah, it’s just his fat fingers.

  19. Heh, speaking of prezzies, how come we’ll elect a black one, but not a woman or some well-to-do fat fuck that stuff twinkies down his gullet? Michelle, I’m sorry your friends are friends on fakebook are assholes. I’m not so sure you’re in the right place if politeness and kind words is what you seek. #11 Your comment made me think of this obscenely stupid “as seen on tv” commercial about “the schticky”. That guys voice and verbalization of the word should be banned during normal viewing hours.

  20. Hey cheese man how’s about u shove another “bagel” in that c dumpster of yours. U made a stupid fucking point and nails called you on it, then you proceeded to make an even more retarded comment afterwards. Congratulations, I’ve been following this for a couple of months and you are the reason I signed up for an account. I look forward to ripping on more of your written diarrhea in the future.

  21. You are SUCH a fucking liar!

  22. USA fail/fake/fagg

  23. Is Spuds the first person to sign up to rip on someone OTHER than MsAnneThrope? MsAnne, you’re losing your touch.

  24. @ captain Jenny. Don’t start throwing fake comments around.

  25. Keep opening your cock garage big boy ‘n I’m gon’ find a place to “park”. 😀

  26. USA A-OK

  27. @14 beardjizz – Yes. Yes it is.

  28. @17 captaincavebitch – You’ve made one of the most retarded, weak, poorly thought-out and irrelevant connections I have ever heard in all my years on this earth (another thing you’re completely wrong about – but no surprise there, douche) – regarding a fucking meme, to boot – and you actually have the naivety to say I’m acting like a “tough guy” because of what I said?

    “You should probably go now” is a kind suggestion to leave, because it seems like a great idea to me. I don’t sit here and threaten to kick people’s asses like all the damn kids do – because it’s just fucking retarded.

    Unfuckingbelievable. But unfortunately, believable.
    By the way, I hate you. But have a nice day.

  29. @25 Jenny i pity anyone who is subjected to actually having to converse with you. Perhaps next time you wish to insult me you might steal someone else’s insult instead of the one I just used in my comment.

  30. is spuds our new squeaky chew toy?

    oh goody!

  31. I used to love chew toys but gave them up when I switched to potatoes

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