Monday, August 13, 2012

It’s Not Complicated

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  1. Nice Randy, very nice.

  2. Randy’s just butthurt. Unless she’s going to change it to single, it is complicated. Because he’s too much of a pussy, and probably wants to try and work things out and stay together, instead of leaving her ass.

  3. *buys Randy a beer*

  4. absolute fail/fake/fagg

  5. what else are you supposed to do at an orgy?

  6. She probably means that it’s complicated with the numerous men.

  7. randy just cause she chose ‘numerous men’ over ‘humorless men’, leaving his sorry arse out of the mix

  8. *randy just pissed

    did I just get censored??

  9. Surely Randy should be directing his anger towards facebook for not having a ‘my partner found out I’m a filthy whore but is too pussy to break it off’ option.

  10. Nice? Presumably Randy is the other half of the whore. He finds out she’s fucking numerous men and he announces it on Facebook? Cos that’s a good fucking idea.

  11. Tbh crusty, assuming it is, I think it makes him look bad. Genius of him to publicize his poor performance…at least not good enough to keep her from going elsewhere.

  12. Randy & Carmen… They sound like a 1980’s crime solving duo… who like fucking Spanish folk.

    Joking aside it’s no fun finding your wife getting reamed out by other men… I’ve not spoke to Dad or Uncle Shitface since.

  13. Randy still has a profile pic of happier times. It might be time to change that.

  14. Randy is untrue.

  15. Good show, Randy. Good show.

    Hard to believe someone with the name “Carmen” is a filthy whore. I just don’t get that when I hear that beautiful name. (10)

  16. Nah, I think a bunch of red necks liked the name “Carmen” in the 90’s. Makes sense.

  17. Sigh…

  18. What if Randy is her brother?

  19. Hell, I’m fucking proud of myself, looks like I struck a few bad… I’m here to claim my prize for most thumbs down in dis tread yo!

  20. 8===D—-FAIL

  21. ^ That was actually kind of funny.

  22. I think that fucking numerous men is is complicated. So, Fuck you Randy.

    Que Avril Lavigne

  23. ^ Again with the “que”? I don’t think that means what you think it means.

  24. You’re right.

    Que – a half farthing

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