Thursday, March 13, 2014

That’s Convenient

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  1. I think you should gtfo

  2. The Beast Among Us

    Ever played the game Mad Gab?

  3. So he’s got stigmata on his hands and his face looks like burnt toast that resembles Jesus, our landlord and neighbor from the south?

  4. If you keep talking about Christians, it’s your own fault if you get raped!

  5. Wait…what if I want to be raped? Can I choose her myself? Or is it…ya know what, under, say, 180 pounds, 5’4″ or taller, nice personality…oh, wait, you said rape, not date.

    You know what, it’s been so long, I’m not gonna be picky.

    Speaking of Christians, did you know that, like the term cowboy, Christian used to be considered an insult? Christian.

    /eagerly awaits his rape

  6. The Beast Among Us

    ^ The willing cannot be raped. Sorry, Pal.

  7. self submitted. yep.

  8. they’re gay chat lines for that kinda rant, othan. They will get you closer to your goal.

  9. I would be insulted to be labeled anything, but especially would be insulted to be called religious.

  10. The Beast Among Us

    ^ But you ARE religious.

  11. Religiously awesome………

  12. The beast is among us, crossing out lines of poetry already written in stone.

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  14. Im spiritual. I pray a lot. Don’t hunt, so Im bad at preying. Love life. Wanna live forever. Enjoy most things, but without a religion, Im not religious. Love science, but haven’t gotten past Tom cruise jumping on Oprah’s couch. Still, I love the gods I pray to. There’s no religion involved.

  15. Christian Mark is a religious fundamentalist, I personally wouldn’t give him a second glance.

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