Thursday, July 15, 2010

Unintelligent Updates

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  1. Being first isn’t as excitjng as most people make it out to be.

  2. *exciting


  3. powerstanceyall

    hey arnold was a fantastic show

  4. Hey Arnold was one of the best shows I grew up with. It was funny, it was intelligent, it was morally sound, it was entertaining and engaging, it was well-made, the voice acting was superb, and the soundtrack was all jazz. I miss this show, a lot.

  5. I miss Hey Arnold too. ):

  6. MsBuzzkillington

    Hey Arnold is tooooooootally on netflix right now.

    But what about Stewie Griffin? Same problem.

  7. Stewie was jumping on the bed and hit his noggin on the ceiling making his head football-shaped. He wasn’t born like that.

    On another note, peddle stools made me laugh.

  8. Come on, Patti. Everyone knows the clap is a bacterial infection, not a virus. Step up your game, bitch.

  9. At least Adrian capitalized his I and spelled used right. I guess you have to start somewhere.

    I thought an Oregon had keys and pipes. I had no idea that it was a shape.

    Stewie is three times the man Arnold is. Arnold didn’t even have the balls to ask the Olive oil look-alike out. Stewie has tried everything from cross-dressing till trying to kill his mom.

    Stewie is by far, ten times the man that Arnold wishes he was.

  10. I concur with these comments. Carry on.

  11. Holy crap, defectiveuser, I’m totally going to stalk you (in a loving way, of course) because of your link. 🙂 That was a random blast from the past that made me smile.

    Er… lame comments, I weep for the future, everyone’s “retarted”, etc. Carry on.

  12. To be fair its Arnolds wife that I feel most sorry for, she must look at his head and realise that when she has his kids she’s fucked.

  13. suesse, thank you

  14. Anyone know the language setting Adrian uses from the first post? I’ve seen it a few times on here and was just curious what it was.

  15. That would be the ghetto app I think.

  16. yeah thats what i was thinking blueyedsweets. i want that haha. how do you get it zoned?

  17. sweets, it’s “Leet Speak”.

  18. thankya!

  19. To Adrian, next weeks “big word” is “cat”!

  20. Peddle stool? Pfft, all the cool people have peddle chairs now.

  21. Taylor’s comment was actually quite witty if intentional.

  22. I’ve had three sea sections, and believe me, performing surgery on a ship is no picnic.

  23. To really grasp the peddle stool, you need to first load up on an excessive amount of acid, go down the rabbit hole, smoke some of the hucha (no idea the spelling, not looking it up ATM) with the caterpillar man and take a seat on a peddle stool next to his awesome mushroom seat.

  24. yeah peddle stools is a little bit funny.
    That is all.

  25. I have no idea what Janine is doing off of the stool in…her…kitchen.

    Damn. That wasn’t much of a sexist joke. I don’t care. I still expect a sandwich, though.

  26. Paranoid Android

    Not funny, not even in the same room as funny, not even in the same postal district as funny, not even………etc. etc.

    I’m off to play with my boomerange.

  27. Sea section….bah ha ha ha!! She would make a GREAT OB!! 😀

  28. I think Janine just made a small typo. Let me tell you youngin’s a story…

    When I was a much younger man, about 70 years ago, my wife Agnes and I had the responsibility of taking care of her crazy fucking father, who had dementia. This fuckwad was so crazy and so tough he would eat rocks and shit slightly bloodied pebbles. He would also shit on the floor and then walk around in his shit. So I was always saying to him, “Papa Ed, get off your bloody pebble stool and go wash your feet, you fuckin retart!!!”

  29. Wow, a normal comments thread. I’m wondering if it’s safe to come back to Lamebook now…

    Taylor: An oregon has thirty-seven sides. Look it up.

    These were actually pretty decent, with the exception of the Katie/Patti “witty” banter.

  30. Adrian is the type of human being that should be culled before it reproduces.

  31. Ha, I recently found out there’s a massive campaign, helped by the guy that made the show, to get one more Hey Arnold movie made to tie everything up. I too have joined, in the hope that when my fiancee… ‘has birth’… she can have it in front of Hey Arnold. Isn’t that the dream?

  32. Lol bloody stools. XP

  33. lol, i am sure that bloody peddle stools and claptops were on purpose

  34. Jennifer Simone OK before my lawyer gets my ficticious criminal record amended…how does this Double Jepoardy thing work? Being as though I have “aggrivated assault” on my”record”, does this mean I can beat someone senseless in an aggrivated manner and be cool? I really don’t understand the law…
    July 14 at 8:19pm

  35. hehe ridicu4real!

    for anyone who’s unclear, double jeopardy means that if you get officially acquitted of a crime (not a general, but a specific crime), then you can’t ever be retried for it – even if proof surfaces to show without doubt that you’re guilty.

    if you’re still unsure about it, then i suggest you watch the film ‘double jeopardy’.

  36. Holy shit. Not one damned thing about that movie was factual.

  37. double jeopardy only applies to one crime at one time. so you can’t be tried twice for hitting some guy once, but if you hit him again another time, it’s a new trial and DJ does not apply

  38. The Peddle Stool comment is actually a quote from a British TV show called The IT Crowd. So, in that one post at least, Janine isn’t that unintelligent. 😀

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