Thursday, July 15, 2010

Random Wins

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  1. steveryness

  2. haha that “the attendant spilled it” made me laugh out loud. Is “boom” something you say in America?

  3. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    The BP one was a little funny. They finally stopped the oil spill today, now they just have to clean up the place.

    @Potato, No it isn’t.

  4. powerstanceyall

    what does boom mean?

  5. something rap crappy stupid, I’m sure

  6. powerstanceyall

    every BP station here (alabama) is vacant. i feel bad for the franchisers.

  7. I saw someone else with the same BP status. boom hosted made me giggle.

  8. Ray William Johnson made that BP joke.

  9. MsBuzzkillington

    HAHAHAHAH funny. not.

    What are you doing going into BP anyway? Bad bad!

  10. that “BOOM” thing may come from a youtube video. someone was playing counterstrike, and was yelling all the time “BOOM HEADSHOT”…. maybe.

  11. More BP jokes…a bit late isn’t it?

  12. @No. 2: Same here (first part).
    @No. 3: Don’t get your hopes up; I’m sure the administration will find a way to drag the cleanup and “recovery” out for years.

  13. No Dale, It goes a little something like this.

    To whom it may concern,
    We have reviewed your application and at this time, you are not what we are looking for. I’m sorry but we have to ask you to PLEASE get f*cked.

  14. I concur with these comments. Carry on.

  15. bollywood_rocks83

    defective, I just say or write “sod off” and it seems to work. Saying it in a British accent does wonders for me; they focus on the oh so cool accent and forget I just basically told them to fuck off.

  16. cuterthanapenis

    That whole “Boom, roasted” thing most likely comes from the show “The Office” where Michael Scott, the boss, puts on a roast of him for his employees, gets offended, then at the end of the episode says something about each of his employees then says, “boom, roasted” after each one.

  17. Flamboyant stereotype

    I actually thought “boom, roasted” was a John Madden reference 😀

    He always said some weird stuff like that.

  18. I think “boom” means “it’s done.”

    Like “Boom! I just posted this”

  19. Ryan’s friends: BOOM retarded

  20. lol

  21. The only Boom that I know is a Boomerang, but then I am kinda slow. Especially when I compare with the intellect levels of the last few posts, I feed sad for my lack of Intelligence and spelling skills.

  22. From Urban Dictionary:
    Boom Roasted: Similar to the usage of “Burn”, Boom Roasted is said after an insult or “dis”s for emphasis. Coined during the Season 5 episode of The Office titled, “Stress Relief”.
    “Sami, i heard you’re so white you got buried in the snow on tuesday and no one noticed….

  23. Dear ringooo,
    Unless you are malteaser in disguise, you have to say something else. Otherwise you’ll be hurting the hearts and souls of those of us who have a set in stone sentimental attachment to the Lord of the Acronym.

    Ryan’s friends amused me.

  24. yeah don’t get the boom thing.
    These aren’t funny.

    And I use BP because my car likes it best. I’m not buying into the boycott shit. You think everyone else’s oil is nice, clean and ethically sourced with little butterflies flitting their little wings to bring it to the surface before friendly singing umpa-lumpas churn it into petrol (gas)?
    I don’t fucking think so.

    There’ll all as bad as each other. If you want to boycott, stop driving your car.

  25. That was BOOM! fucking ridiculous.

    My car also tells me what it likes. But nobody was talking about boycott on this post at least.

    STOP BEING ANGRY! Angry bad.

  26. True that, famaf. I haven’t had a car for the past 3 years (I live in a city that is bike-friendly) and I gotta say I’m not only healthier and have more money but I also don’t have to feel bad r.e. using fuel….(at least not in a car).

  27. Except for no.6 that is, and he wasn’t particularly supporting it.

  28. Fair enough zaroz, I’m now zen.
    That was just a little rant because the fashionably self-righteous really get up my nose.

    @potato – that’s the right way to live brother. I just bought my car so I can take it to the mountains for snowboarding fun in winter months. The rest of the time it just sits outside my house.

  29. Paranoid Android

    Fuck me rigid. BOOM.

    Stupid American slang.

    Severely lacking in the ‘lol’ dept.

  30. All two year old boys love boobs. Pretty sure that’s about the time it gets in-grained into their boy personas.

    The BP joke isn’t funny. They are just copying the BP Coffee Spill skit. Whatever . . .

    And for what it is worth, BP and the government both sucks for what they allowed to happen to the Gulf. Time to get onto some renewable-green energy! Hooray for hippies.

  31. Ryan’s easily pleased, I guess. Just pop on a pair of glasses and you’re the smartest girl in the world. Wonder if he’s actually tried that as a way of picking up girls who share his level of intelligence.

    Isn’t writing a letter already the politest way to tell someone to get fucked? That and the wussiest.

  32. Hehehe, quite proud I made it onto Lamebook.

    It was a letter of resignation that I was writing.

  33. health class was teaching us the importance of using condoms. BOOM showSTD

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