Monday, May 31, 2010

The Twilight Saga: Twi-Shite

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  1. MIKE!

  2. Go Wolf Pack!

  3. Paranoid Android

    Well, fuck my mustard. More Twilight crapola, when will the madness end?

  4. Fecesbook.

  5. mymomruinedfacebook

    LOL he said “Go Team Jacob at the end.” Hilarious

  6. oh lord.. gross!! sumone find a silver bullet for that dude!! and team jacob are famous for there bodys!! not their bowel movements!

  7. Kester is trying to be witty there and it’s a fail. He probably submitted that himself.

  8. There is nothing clever about what Kester said, and there’s never an excuse for pooping in public. I wouldn’t put his age over 16, if he’s older that’s just too sad for words.

  9. He doesn’t like Twilight, but he also shit in a pond, so he’s back to 0.

    Hell, kid probably loves Twilight anyway and was just arguing Team Jacob.


  10. dietpillpyramidscheme

    I assume that ‘Team Jacob’ is some kind of anti-twilight thing?

    I’m not sure how to feel about Kester…
    Is he charming, and teflon enough for taking a dump in the neighbours yard to be mildly indearing? “Oh, that crazy Kester, what will he do next?” Sorta thing?

    I’m inclined to think not.

  11. Diet, Team Jacob is the people who pick the werewolf, Jacob, over the vampire Edward. They were probably having an argument over whose fictional character was the best, because that is pretty much all Twilight fans know how to do.

    I used to work at a cinema, and I left shortly before New Moon came out, and the production company sent them Team Edward and Team Jacob t-shirts for the staff to wear, and every single night out for about a month was dominated by that moronic and monotonous argument.

  12. Stop talking about Twilight. Grrr…

  13. PraetorianXVIII


  14. you’re gay

  15. Dunno about anyone else, but I’m definitely Team Harry Potter 😀

  16. You’re all Frodo.

  17. I’m Team Frodo.

  18. PraetorianXVIII

    no u

  19. Simultaneous posting!

  20. Frodo wields great influence over others.

  21. Paranoid, no time soon. There’s another one coming soon, to a cinema near you.

  22. It’s sad that Lamebook stopped trying to be original or even funny for that matter. Months and months of Twilight bashing? It gets old 😐

  23. Team Frodo FTW. xoxo. Or something gay like that.

  24. Two of the Twilight fools were here in Sydney last night.
    Carry on, chaps.

  25. The real question is did he wipe?

  26. comments like Kester is a wild animal and go team jacob make me think he is actually a part of one of those new werewolves douchegroups from last week.
    Which makes total sense to me since if you saw the video, you’d realize only the uber nerds and geeks were allowed to join those groups.

  27. Twilight posts used to inspire me to go on hate-filled rants on Lamebook, but by the eighty-hundredth there’s really nothing to say except… I dislike Twilight but respect your opinion if you do.


  28. It would have been funnier if Kester took a dump in like Lucy’s room or something.

  29. rockinghorsefly

    It seems there are posts about people taking dumps/shitting their pants at parties with frightening regularity. I have never defaecated anywhere other than a designated receptacle – does this make me incredibly boring??

  30. >28. . .You are so right! It was only the neighbours’ yard. . .

  31. @ rockinghorsefly Way to go! I am glad you are potty trained! Potty dance!

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