Sunday, June 20, 2010

Frito not Layed

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  1. championhustler

    Ahahaha oh my god what a douche bag!

  2. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    A man needs his sustenance. To replace vital minerals and proteins.

    But as it was not the sun chips that James was really vexed with one can simply assume he just wanted someone to ask why so he could tell them about the fact he copped a BJ.

  3. james is frito.

    and i’d be surprised even he could even muster a small pool of semen.

  4. *if

  5. Haha, @alordslums, James is most definitely frito.

  6. krasivaya_devushka

    Since when is Lamebook posting submissions on weekends?

  7. I don’t know that I’ve ever heard a man refer to getting head as “going down on me.” Dunno, it just sounds… girly.

  8. Maybe James really should fuck the sun chips…

  9. I’m in consensus with the fact that James is frito. Popcorn is the way to go because then she knows your being thoroughly entertained.

  10. *you’re

  11. I wish I’d come up with ‘James is frito’.

  12. She should of been mad at herself. How is it his fault she sucks at BJ’s so bad that he would rather be eating.

    Also, if he was that hungry, why not have a juicy taco? I mean after all, it IS right there.

  13. Eating pussy because your hungry is like cybersex.
    You gotta be on the ball BritishHobo.

  14. Maybe he dropped some crumbs.

  15. AHAHA! James is Frito is priceless.

    and LOL @ the “eating pussy because you’re hungry is like cybersex.”

  16. Mmm His Hair Smells So Human

    Effing hell.
    I first read it as ‘colostomy bag’.

  17. @HeSaidWhat “How is it his fault she sucks at BJ’s so bad that he would rather be eating.” Seriously.

    @jukaswo Most guys I know use that phrase. Maybe it’s a regional thing?

  18. Sally, a tip for you to use in the future… assume the 69 position.

  19. Clever Name Here

    This made me laugh so much because I can relate.
    My mom had bought me one of these Sun Chips bags and she almost slapped me when I was trying to close the bag because she was trying to talk over the noise to me.

  20. lol @ alordslums and nuff.

    True word, if they change it up he won’t be tempted to sneak those Sun Chips.

  21. This guy is a chump!
    I’m also wondering when LB started posting on the weekends. Not that I’m complaining. the more the better so long as they don’t start taking breaks in the middle of the week.

  22. ee, I was more thinking that if she’s on his face, he can’t very well eat anything else.

  23. YorkshirebornNBread

    but if the timing’s wrong, then there’s a good chance of crumbs…not good…

  24. lol, this one is stupid. if she didn’t hear the bag she would of heard the crunch of the chip, come on..

  25. what an ass. who eats when they’re getting a bj???

  26. ^
    the girl giving the blowjob obviously,

  27. Krazy Eyez Killa

    Sally should tell James cunnilingus is the breakfast of champions.

  28. YorkshirebornNBread

    doubtful, looks like he’s had his chips…

  29. True word. Good good, the breakfast of champions. (or lunch, brunch or dinner, what have you)

    But one has to wonder what Sally’s technique was. If she was doing a proper job of ravaging said member, his mind would not have been on those pesky Sun Chips and their yummy goodness. I’m going with HeSaidWhat on this one. Sally needs a good lesson in fellatio. Call a hooker Sally, she’ll show you the way!

  30. Unless it’s garden salsa…it could add flavor.

  31. Whoa, sorry Krazy Eyes Killa, just realized I missed your comment. I was restating, yeah…that’s it!

  32. ee, I don’t know what these Sun Chips are all about, we don’t have them here. They must be pretty damn fantastic, or that was one sad BJ. To upskill, she could always start with a banana. We both know how useful that friendly fruit can be.

  33. Poor Sally, upstaged by a healthy snack chip.
    And I agree with wordpervert in #18. Should’ve known better.

  34. well maybe he wanted chips as well as a blowjob. whats better than sex and food

  35. Ha, I was just having a conversation a couple weeks ago about how damn loud the Sun Chips bags are compared to other chip bags… glad to know it’s not just me at least.

  36. Why is it all the amazing Lamebook-worthy posts I find on Facebook are about 90 comments too long?

  37. Come on BritishHobo… photo chop them!

    Just make sure you do a decent job and all will be well. You could use Microsoft Paint and photo chop something to make it PERFECT looking, if you wanted to. When you’re dealing with nothing but rectangles, photo editing is easy.

  38. rockinghorsefly

    When you’re hungry, you’re hungry. You can’t blame the man. If a guy wants to eat while I’m giving him a bj, he can go right ahead!

  39. Any smart man will check beforehand with a bit of “it would be hot if you ate something while I go down on you… ya know, to see if you can actually eat, without being too distracted. I might try the same one day!”.

    Yep, yep… then you’re in the clear. If that doesn’t work, *cough* modified donkey punch *cough*. When she comes to, your belly will be full of sun chips and her mind will not remember why she’s laying on the floor with your feet propped up on her.

  40. @Yeah Thats a proven technique… but we all still hope for the sun chips + TV + BJ.

  41. @ mcowles (for the above post)

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