Thursday, July 15, 2010

Good MANners

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  1. I hate ‘tardy vaginas too

  2. haha vagina drool

  3. You Got Doddified

    Christ hath spoken thy three commandments of thine testicles!

  4. You got to watch out for dicks taking performance enhancing drugs. They are always cheating in order to hit the big shots.

  5. I heart vaginas.

  6. Also, be sure to remember your helmet or your tour could be short-lived.

  7. For once a really good one, very original 🙂

  8. Why does Belinda hate her vagina so much? She must have a lot of yeast infections…ew.

  9. I have a vagina, and I LOL’d.

  10. I concur with these comments. Carry on.

  11. Also, the penis will still perform well while deathly ill. The vagina gets one headache, and its all over for it.

  12. lol

  13. This post makes me quite proud to have my very own penis.

  14. belinda, for shame!!! girls who diss vaginas are retarded.

  15. Belinda, pretty sure some vaginas can be “emotional” & “cry” after sex too!

  16. @defective
    Could you please explain your analogy? I’m somehow missing the point on that one. :/

  17. yes plz defective.. i got lost as well.. and sorry to say my vagina is an excellent performer… don’t they know that they stand up before performance as well? and they applaud when its all over? i’m proud to have a vagina!! YAY VAGINAS!!!

  18. I could already tell that you were a thirsty ho based on your username, Pouty-Lips. Thank you for making sure there was no doubt left in my mind with that stunning comment.

  19. ^^ GROSS ^^ !

  20. PeanutButtercup

    How does being proud of your vagina make you a thirsty ho?
    Guys need to chillax, the anger round here is slightly worrying.

  21. LOL

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