Monday, November 1, 2010

Statuses of the Sexes

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  1. If this the same grandma dead Kacey as before then she totally deserved that.

    Other than that, meh.

  2. Ha. Poor Benjamin. Good on Kacey for kind of making a joke of it and not freaking out even when she thought he was calling her fat.

    On another note: ERECTION! I MEANT ERECTION!

  3. Also, 4 Loco is a drink, did anyone know that? It doesn’t mean someone drank four “locos” the drink is called 4 loco. Apparently there has been a rash of deaths from them and they are thinking about banning them? I had no idea, wasn’t there a lamebook post about this a bit back?

  4. I need details, Jessica, shave where?


  6. Aries, everyone knew fourloco is a drink. And that it is being banned.
    Who the fuck calls their erection a ‘chubby?’
    Boomstick, evaluating a woman’s physical attractiveness is not treating them like meat. Treating them like meat would mean grilling over a nice fire. Seriously though, evaluating looks of either gender is not insulting in any way.

  7. Likely continuation of #3:

    “Chris is single (for the month of November.)”

  8. Chris was just asking for that!

    Angela ForeverHis made me 🙂
    Sorry, I just love a good smack in the relationship face over FB.

  9. What a compliment… “You give me only a 7.8 boner. Not a full on, morning hard of 10. Only 7.8.” Ben needs to work on his game.

  10. hmmm *lost*

  11. Wow, Kacey should be so happy. What a compliment. And Chubby, nope never heard it called that before!

    Chris & Jessica are in for some serious beard rashes tonight.

  12. @9 that’s why it’s called a “chubby.” and yes, I am familiar with the term. Been around for a few years if I’m not mistaken.
    On another note, fuck you Jessica, he’s supporting the cause of Movember, what your doing is just childish. He shouldn’t be punished by you for supporting prostate cancer awareness.

  13. @nuff
    That’s what No-Shave November was for? I didn’t know that. So you’re telling me that there is a month set aside for something not directly pertaining to minorities?

  14. Why the hell would you not shave to promote ass cancer awareness? Instead just go around dropping your drawers in front of everyone you see and spreading your cheeks and awareness all at the same time.

  15. the comments section has made me smile today.

    I suspect Ben could only raise a 7.8 boner due to his drunken state…..but what a complete Asshat.

  16. Happy one year…we’re not going to be fucking to celebrate it!

    I’ve heard of chubby before, but I assumed it just meant a full boner, not a partial.

  17. This is the first time I’ve heard of “Movember” too

  18. nuff, movember is more of an australian thing, as I understand it. growing a mo for the month of november, to raise money for prostate cancer research.
    ‘no shave november’ is something that some americans do (i have friends in the US who do it) and its not part of raising money or anything. its just for kicks.
    so you can’t have a go at the girl for not liking it, really.

  19. I think Chris has shaven already 😉 And will continue to do so.

  20. I have friends who participate in movember every year. I tried to join in, but seeing as I am a female, I could not really show off my beard… So I donated money.

    Is Kacy like 12?

  21. Do you wear a veil?

    .. yes, Kasey appears as though we should not be making sexual jokes about her on the Internet.

  22. No… not a veil…

  23. Kacey looks like a really cute girl! Benjamin = SUPER FAIL who deserves to be single forever. Maybe he and Angela should get together…

    Angela = *in the voice of Nelson Muntz* HA-HA!

    And Jessica = WIN. I’d high-five her if I could.

    @mad2 – I knew in the back of my mind that chubby = boner sometimes (I think it’s dumb too) but I thought he meant that she was fat too at first. I agree with fabtastic… I think she’s definitely more than a 7.8! xP

  24. I’d give Kacey 9,5 ♥

  25. Just to be a great big killjoy, sometimes people who have ForeverHis anywhere are talking about God/Jesus. I had a friend who was a very devout christian and did that for like everything she had (email, IM, etc.) and she was definitely talking about God. That’s probably not what Angela was talking about, but it is a possibility. Though I admit, the post is funnier when using the more likely interpretation.

  26. Kacey would get a mauling from me.

    She’s so sweet looking, I bet squeezing my bollocks into her mouth would be like trying to fit a bouncy castle into a carrier bag.

    Bit chubby though. Shame.

  27. Oh guys, I agree with Mass – she’s way too young for you to be squeezing bollocks in her mouth etc! lol

  28. Yeah you’re right I’ll keep my Jugger-nuts out of her maw.

    She might eat them the little fatty.

  29. @Imamofo- That is three lamebooks in a row you have made me laugh out loud- new record

  30. “Chub” or “Chubby” is a term for a half boner. Been around forever, you damn kids. Tim and Eric wrote a song about it…

    “I got a chub for you! Little bitty chub for you! Not a full one will do!”

    Goes something like that.

  31. before i deleted her i had a crazy friend who had a facebook account for her deceased unborn baby talk about wierd

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