Monday, September 10, 2012

Paint The Town Red

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  1. Da fuq?

  2. I have no idea. But ‘quick period to the face’ made me lol.
    Luckily none of my fellow workers wanted to know what was so funny.

  3. Thank fuck the submitter didn’t click on the Photos tab. The river of blood profile pic was enough…

  4. Do I want to “(read less)?”

    Too late.

  5. well, that was largely unnecessary.

  6. I’ve never let a little thing like a spot of lady jam put me off my stride.

    Infact I’m partial to going down on a slut slug when she’s got the painters in, if you get it just right it you can end up looking like you’ve stuck your head in a bucket of red wine.

  7. what are you doing to get it ‘all over your head’? .. if you’d said you earnt your red wings/stripes it may have had some merit.. but now it just reads like you are some kid who doesn’t know what he is talking about… oh

  8. Berk Woah calm down there cuntachoo, are you talking to me?!

    Just to appease your rabid curiosity the premise was that when I face dive in the Red Sea, I roll my face around the munters blood box so much that I end up looking like Henry Cooper after 10 rounds with Ali.

  9. you are one unique individual Ima… gave me a good laugh, cheers

  10. If you want to be a real champ and impress your (alleged) lady friends, write ‘I love you’ on the sheets afterwards. And a portrait always gets a second date.

    (Whistle) Yellow card, Berk. That’s not exactly what he said so no quotation marks. If this ends up in court, you’ll be the one deemed meritless.

  11. ^you are quite correct Right.. I retract my quotation marks with a one finger salute

  12. ^ Red card!

  13. Damn straight, beatus ( and a nice double entendre considering the topic).

    Alrighty, Berk, since you’re being a little shit you get the full lesson. The latter quotation mark ( quotative del lattius )goes outside the punctuation as in “Why be such a peehole?”, unless your quoting whilst speaking, i.e., “Why be such a ‘peehole’?”

  14. ^It varies in different countries and writing styles. In Britain many prefer to put the quotation marks inside.

  15. I think someone should devote some time into creating a tampon that looks like a quotation mark. That way it actually fits the curve of a woman’s body.


  16. ^ They already look like a period.

  17. @14 In all my time in London, I’ve never noticed that. Thank you, Mr. Van Hamburger, I will take note.

  18. I wasn’t quoting a question, but asking a question of what was inside the quotation marks. However it’s moot since I misquoted anyway.

  19. what the fuck did I just read?

  20. ^apparently some sad virgin up there thinks that tampons are manufactured to be unyielding and rigid.

  21. Guessing by the comments, no one rides the red seas anymore these days…

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