Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Birthday?

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  1. Wait, his womb emancipated? wow.. that must have been awkward

  2. Womb Emancipation Day is so worth celebrating.

  3. Holy Womb Emancipation Day, Batman!

  4. Pretty sure Jake meant 22.25 years ago, unless Mitchell was born at 3 months. Regardless, thank you LB two shining examples of why I am grateful my parents aren’t on Facebook.

  5. *for these*

  6. @throwingtofu
    Uhm dude, it would be 22.9 years, asuming that the “22” is for years and the “75” is for months.
    But still she was right, in her own way to tell how long it was, beacause it is 22 years and 75% of a year since he was concieved.
    – And cool story bro

  7. it’s not 22.9. it’s 22.75
    22 years + three quarters of a year (9 months) = 22.75

  8. @dustyballz
    Let me help you out. There are 12 months in a year. 9/12 is 3/4, .75, or 75% of a year, therefore 22.75 years=22 years and 9 months. 22.9 years=22 years and 10.8 months.

    You are however correct on the second part of your post. It would be 22.75 years since he had been conceived.

  9. Decimals are fun.

  10. Wait, we switched up the calendars and now there’s only 10 months in a year? Well damn, I’m glad I’ve been informed, that changes things considerably if people are now preggo for almost a full year. Because that’s what kind of math it would take for it to be 22.9.

  11. Actually, 22.75 yrs ago, she was on her period! Conception occurs the 2nd week of the counted 9 months….The estimated due date that gives 9 months or .75 of a year is from your LMP (last monthly period)and NOT conception date, so the 9 months estimate is from the last time you bled and not the last time the condom broke, et cetera et cetera….so (idk what’s my point)

  12. 9 months if we use calendar months (Jan-Dec) and 10 months if we use Lunar months (4 weeks a month, making 40 weeks of gestation to be 10 months)
    So everyone is right…without knowing it. Can we just get along and make fun of posts like we did before smarty pants(s)

  13. Calendar math is LOTS of fun, now let’s see who knows when the actual first year of the new millennium was?

    Hint: think about the movie with apes & alien artifacts called “2xxx: A Space Odyssey”.

  14. He was a preemie. The correct answer is 22.63.

  15. /\ that one might be tough to figure out.

  16. Wow, you guys. This might be the worst comments section ever.

  17. @lexluther
    Dude look at what I wrote: “it would be 22.9 years, asuming that the “22″ is for years and the “75″ is for months.”
    I wrote 22.9 because I assumed that the 22 stands for years and that the 75 stands for months. Because that would be the most normal way to do, atleast where I’m from. So therefore I wrote 22.9, as in 22 years and 9 months and I explained that, so could you please tell me why, what i did would make it 22 years and 10.8 months?

  18. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    lametothemin you would think so, till you come across this .

  19. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    dustyballz Why say 22 years and 75 months instead of 28 years and 3 months?

  20. Oops, I stand corrected. I meant 22.75 months since he was conceived if he’s 22. Huge brain fart on my part. And look at the comment shit storm it started. Sorry. lametothemin was spot on in #16.

  21. All I have to say is, who the FUCK really counts those extra 9 months? Sure, technically it’s correct, but Jesus fucknutting Christ guys….come on…..

  22. @ pahleez: While you are right that the first day of the LMP is the date that gestation is generally counted from, it cannot be considered medically conclusive that insemination occurred 2 weeks later. Women ovulate at all different times, including many who ovulate during their menstruation, thus making it completely possible that conception did in fact incur 22.75 years ago.

  23. gotta love when the trolls get trolled for their own stupidity LOL

  24. You do realize you guys are arguing about maths…
    Heh, nerds.

  25. Eek, yeah, that one’s pretty rough, DSB.

  26. Love the link to the mind numbing religious argument on LB

  27. Ceci n'est pas un nom

    @Keona: Jake was referring the the day his kid was CONCEIVED, thus, he needs to add in the 9 months, or .75 years to his son’t age.

  28. Fuck me, fucking nerd wars, listen up, nobody cares.

  29. The K’s seem to be a fun family.

  30. Would they also have named “it” Gary if “it” had turned out to be a girl?

  31. I think this nerding out should be embraced. If not, then we get more lamebook material. Now I enjoy this site, but not at the expense of intelligence.

    @dustyballs: It would be ok the way you did it…if the calendar was based on a 10-month system. But since it’s a 12-month system, you have to do the math that lexluther did

    NBC peacock: The More You Know!

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