Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Product Problems

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  1. After the first one I thought: If they are getting better, this could be a funny update.

  2. Jerad, huh? No wonder he’s a whiny bitch of an asshole.

    There’s so much that’s not funny about all of these, it’s embaressing, really

  3. *embarresing, sorry. Fuck me and my pour grapes of English

  4. *embarrassing; you’re welcome! 😉


  6. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… We’re getting to the point where all entries are just old ones with new names.

  7. hoschiadedodi–I’m afraid you lose all the points.

    This was a terrible post, although the last one at least didn’t make me want to throw rocks at LB HQ.

  8. For the first one: Don’t forget you want them both to gently rub your crotch…

  9. Oi! hoschi! Please play again. But you’re all forgiven. Here, I’m in a suprisingly good mood today, so I’m even throwing in a 🙂 for good measure.
    What’s the score lametothemin?

    Gentle rubbing is for wankers…

  10. If I lose all the points, I guess my score is set back to zero. 🙁

    Oh and gentle rubbing…? You’ve never seen me wanking…

  11. No one can be as dumb as Michael can they? I’m calling it a hoax. I refuse to accept that anyone would be that moronic.
    As for Brady and Jerad-lame. Neither one has obviously gotten laid for a long time.

  12. Lame, lamebook.

  13. yeh, yeh…

  14. I didn’t know people were keeping score in here? What’s mine? Can I do extra homework? Extra comments? If I add swear words will my score be improved?

  15. Wow, Joslyn. That’s not funny. Really unfunny. I can’t believe people put this up on Lamebook. There’s no humor in what you said at all. My father was killed by a Droid. It was raining, he was driving at night, and he couldn’t see that well. Suddenly dot matrix from the movie “Spaceballs” jumped out in front of the Yugo and his brakes just could not stop in time so he swerved and slammed straight into a telephone booth from the 1980s. It was a horrific sight! To this day I still can’t look at my Samsung Captivate without welling up tears. Good thing it was free.

  16. Aw, jeez. Really, Michael??

    He shouldn’t even be allowed to use a computer.

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