Thursday, March 31, 2011

Burned by the Book!

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  1. Hoschi!!

  2. on that note: Thomas seems desperate.

  3. Lana spelt backwards is Anal. Just putting that out there.

    Thomas wins and loses.

  4. question. Why are they even friends!… and who’s Andrea? I take it it’s Lana.

  5. I like Bagels and obese whores and so can confirm that I approve highly of this post…

    Not so keen on Harry Potter though so on reflection, ‘Fuck off cum rags’

    Paranoid hmmm you may be onto something. Sara is Aras spelt backwards and if said quickly enough it sounds like Arse. Does this mean they both love one curled into their ringer?

  6. Thomas wins in terms of semi-psychotic outbursts.

    I’d go so far as to say that he could well be ‘Bi-Winning’.

  7. Thomas wins at being the biggest douchebag ever or earth
    A funny douchebag, tho

  8. *on

  9. Thomas is an ass. He’s one of those guys that put down other people to make himself feel better. He probably has teeny weenie syndrome.

  10. Snowblower: Is your name a reference to snowballing? if so where and how much?? 😀

  11. Thomas is #winning … ohhh sorry this isn’t twitter 😉

    He wins because she’s 21 and having a Harry Potter themed party ffs.

  12. Thomass sounds really butthurt. I know kids like him. Really bitter ## year olds that are trying to act like “responsible adults” (as if being a fuddy duddy is being an adult), but deep inside they know they’re acting like that because they’re social outcasts (for being complete jerks) and they can’t party and have fun with the other kids because we just don’t want him around.

    He’s going to be crying himself to sleep on the night of that Harry Potter party.

  13. Thomass is seething really that he isn’t invited. Ha, and if this girl is 21 she’s probably been a fan she was a kid. Her fat mum has no excuse.

  14. Any place you want, but I’m expensive :-).

  15. I have enjoyed reading through this page and noting which contributors are clearly Potter fans.

    I’m just going to go ahead and say it: being really ‘into’ Potter is lame. the older you are, and the closer to North America you live, the lamer it appears to get. I’ve done a graph and everything. It’s not a magic graph, though.

  16. Is it a Stephi Graph?….they’ve got ok tits.

  17. That’s ok, I am overweight, retarded and rich. I’m a gem! Actually more like a giant pet rock.

  18. Thomas is a dick. Would I think a Harry Potter party is lame? I’ve never seen or read HP so I wouldn’t know, but WTF business is if of mine and why would I shit on someone else about it? And does Lana know she can delete comments?

  19. Why was Josephs “WOHHHH” comment from 3 1/2 hours before the original post???? FAKE?? MOst likely!

  20. @ Steeeever, it could be a time zone issue.

  21. @Steeeever – you’ll have to get up earlier to post your lame claim.

  22. I wished Thomas was my fb friend. He’s a total winner in my book.

  23. UMMMM the LAMEST part of this is a mother/daughter JOINT birthday party! Whaaaaat the fuuuuuuck?

  24. Joint party would have been a sufficient theme.

  25. Mother/daughter parties can be fun if your mom is cool. My ex’s mom was a ton of fun and we didn’t mind drinking with her.

  26. U can break up with ur mom?

  27. snowblower, sounds like Lana’s mom is “a ton” of fun, too.

    Ba dum bum. Because she’s fat. See?

  28. LOL! I like what you did there!

  29. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Adult Harry Potter fans are kinda lame, but Thomas(s) seems even lamer. If that’s possible.

  30. In Thomas’s defense, it’s not like he instigated anything. Whatsherface totally should have kept her mouth shut about not inviting him.

    And who throws joint birthday parties with their mom at age 21? A Harry Potter party. Go get wasted in Vegas like a normal person.

  31. Yes he did. Why call it lame if you dont give a fudge? The Harry Potter theme is obviously because she is a huge fan, was probably around 7 when the first book came out. And do any of you who are appose to the joint mother/daughter birthday party have a good relationship with either one of your parents?
    Why do you have to drink if you are 21? What about ppl that dont like alcohol?
    Thomas is a douche but she could have just deleted his comment.

  32. Using the word “lame” here is kind of like wearing the t-shirt for the band you are about to see in concert, no?

  33. Thomas protests too much. Anyone who goes this far out of his way to shit on someone else’s parade must be a pretty sad person.

    Also, getting wasted in Vegas is overrated. When will people stop pretending that city isn’t a festering dump?

  34. Yes, I have a great relationship with both of my parents. And they are both a lot of fun. But, as an ADULT, it is kind of weird/lame to have a joint party. Like… are her 50-year-old friends going to be there? And the daughter’s 20-year-old friends? Do they all know each other? Come on… that’s an odd situation. Take your daughter out for dinner on her birthday freaks.

  35. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    [Insert a mix of Paranoid Android‘s #3 and Curly babe‘s #11 here]

  36. @26 failassault: That’s why we apostrophes and then the letter S. He said his EX’S mom, not his ex mom……….

    She should just go to Vegas or AC. Mom can come too if she’s truly that cool.

  37. I hate when people say “I’m out” then have a comeback later. He had a funny comeback, but still. Anal retentive, yes. Cardboard, no.

  38. I hate when people say “I’m out” then have a comeback later. He had a funny comeback, but it still irks me. Cardboard, no. Anal retentive, yes.

  39. I fuckin love lamebook. They should hire Thomas to work with them.

  40. First and foremost, all of you Thomas haters… He’s talking to adults who are planning an adult BD party with a seriously lame THEME. Thomas, you are my hero. I would LOVE to friend you and turn you lose on some of the idiotic posters who made it to my friends list. The double-dork-party-planners deserved every word.

  41. You could just delete the people you dislike. Shocking concept, I know.

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