Tuesday, January 18, 2011


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  1. I like how Tony jumps in to make fun of the guys before he even knows why he is making fun of them.

  2. Wow Priceless!!!

  3. if they even had a brain, they’d know that those bollards are not permanent, the bottom of the post is generally secured to a base which is concreted in-situ. Usually secured with a padlock, so that in emergencies, the posts can be lifted out and vehicles can get there….

  4. Huh I didn’t know the post came out after installed. I guess that makes way more sense. It was really stupid of Durt to assume that this was the very first time these guys have put them in. @1 I thought the same thing.

  5. …and the meh-ness continues apace

    Fuck you vincent, it’s all your fault………somehow.

  6. It’s like 2 years old.

    And the poles are not for preventing the cars to drive into the building (hello, this is not the war zone) but to mark the sidewalk & no-parking zone.

  7. OLD. Sorry to be Mrs Buzzkillington, but this has been circling the interwebs and in forwards from my grandma for like a year.

  8. Sorry to spoil the fun, but the photo is a fake.

    The bottom left post is shop’d in, which is more obvious on the full size picture, that has been doing the rounds for a few years (as per jr888’s comment).

  9. Even if it wasn’t it looks like they might be able to squeeze through (That’s what she said)

  10. And even if it couldn’t, that van is also known as tradie-tron and as soon as there aren’t any people around it will just jump over those bollards.

  11. DURT???????

  12. Photoshopped post or not, at the rate they seem to be going, I am sure the next logica step would be the placement of that fateful post.

  13. genitalisman: do you have access to more of this than the rest of us do? I don’t have the ability to determine rate from a static image =-)

    Besides, given that it’s in a city centre, they would keep the van off the road as long as possible to avoid congestion (or parking tickets) =-)

  14. I’m with throwingtofu on this one – I think “Durt” far outweighs the image here.

  15. You know, those stupid little smart cars can still fit through there…..

  16. This is a load of bollards.

  17. I think the phrase “a load of bollocks” is the one you’re fumbling for there.

  18. Research is conclusive that I do indeed “fail it”. Apologies extended.

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