Thursday, August 13, 2009

Your So Damb Lame


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  1. I guess if you pronounce it just so, it could come out sounding like “damb”…

  2. its not her fault… the problem is facebook needs a damb spellcheck option.

  3. Oh god can you imagine if there really was a spellcheck option? The software would freak out within 10 minutes and somehow find a way to kill itself with a virus.

  4. Your so dumb, so damb dumb…

  5. I wonder if he’s ever had lamn cutlets.

  6. Little known fact: “DAMB” is actually an acronym for “dumb and moronic, but..”

    Jamie’s actually saying, “You’re so beautiful, so dumb and moronic, but.. beautiful. [I] said you’re so beautiful, so dumb and moronic, but.. beautiful.


  7. @Boz: Ha! Not sure, but I sense he’s a huge fan of “The Silebce of the Lamns.”

  8. At least she understood that the last letter is silent. She just forgot what that letter was.

  9. Your so lambe!!!

  10. WTF, just seeing this kind of stupidity makes me unreasonably angry.

  11. Helena Handbasket

    Looks like Jamie mixed up “dumb” and “damn”. Damb dummnie.

  12. A Facebook spell checker would take so much electricity it would crash the U.S. electrical grid…

  13. The lamest part is that somewhere, right now, a sixth-grade girl is swooning over this.

  14. whos flees was white ass sknow.

  15. Facebook DOES have spell-check.

  16. @ JM & Truff – both so true

  17. but then again, we’d lose classic posts like Megan’s because a spellcheck option wouldn’t allow kids to †yp3 l1k3 †h15.


  18. Are Mary and I the only ones with facebook spell-check?

    I have always been baffled by the misspelling submissions because mine always corrects my errors. I just assumed the people on here were dumb for not understand that a word under-lined signify a misspelling.

  19. You’re.

  20. I have nothing to say about this. It actually hurt my eyes/brain just trying to read it.

  21. God dambit Jamie.

  22. @Erin Unless you’re European. Then it’s just annoying.

  23. its the browser that does the spell checking. Chrome and Firefox spell check. IE doesn’t. In conclusion, stupid people use IE… but we already knew that

  24. pb- thanks for the clarification! That makes more sense.

  25. pb- very good to know.

  26. Erin and Mary – plus, if you have a Mac, it automatically spellchecks everything you write anywhere on the computer. It’s pretty incredible.

    And, to wonkavision – while, yes, a Facebook spellcheck option would be awesome, there’s no excuse for being this “damb” dumb. Jamie’s clearly an idiot. Especially for liking that song.

  27. @Erin I don’t think Facebook itself has a spell check, But Safari (my internet thing) does..
    does that count?
    @Sarcasticmeow, your comment made my day.

  28. Is she posting lyrics to a song or is she having a Rainman moment? I’m so confused.

  29. Maybe he/she had a stuffed nose?

  30. damb you, WebMD.

    i was so exctied that i was going to be able to use my “maybe he had a cold?” suggestion. then, i saw your comment.

  31. aw, hell. i just realized that dyslexia hit when i posted my previous comment.

  32. far out i think all ur comments are way funnier than the ‘dambn’ comment!! lol 😛

  33. Funny, half of us are referring to the person as she and the other half as he.

    Unisexual names are so damb damb.

  34. this just gets laughs all the way around… between the status and all the comments following. hahah

  35. mary had a little lamn

  36. So everyone noticed the issue with “damb”, but you were all too damb stupid to notice the use of “your” instead of “you’re”. Idiotsb.

  37. @matt I think you mean “Idiots”

  38. lmao!! @IDunno, that link is AWESOME!

    ‘In fact, however, it is an acronym for “Dingo Ate My Baby”, the cry made by Australian women when their children are carried off and torn apart by the wild dogs of the Outback.’

    WTF? cause it happens so often?!? lol
    and then ‘Damb! I liked that baby.’ LMAO!

  39. @Jones: there is a famous case where a woman please not guilty to killing her baby saying that “A Dingo Ate her Baby” that’s why it’s so famous… haha it definitely doesn’t happen often, and they believe that she actually killed the child herself.

  40. There is a movie based on the story of a woman (and her family) whose baby was eaten by a dingo while they were camping. It starred Merryl Streep and as it turns out, it was true that her baby was taken by a dingo and eaten, but everyone thought she was lying, when in fact she was telling the truth.

  41. They never actually proved the dingo took the baby, it’s just wildly accepted that it did. Lindy Chamberlain (the mother) was sent to jail and then released and exonerated of all charges, but no one ever really found out how the baby died.

  42. Jonas and Boz… I love you both in the lamest way possible…

    Oh Damb I left the damb lamn on the skillet too damb long

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