Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fast Fiver

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  1. aliciaissocoollike


  2. Sooo… you have nothing important to say because I’m guessing your intelligence is lacking. Firsties… wow.

    Anyways… this sounds like the Pee Wee Herman thing.

  3. DAMN!

  4. Meh, sounds like he didn’t even whip it out or anything. I have seen worse

  5. I’ve seen/heard of people having sex in the movies, and this guy gets busted for sticking his hand in his pants…that’s pretty screwed up

  6. Sticking your hand in your pants in the hospital, passable
    Sticking your hand in your pants in the cinema, dodgy but passable.
    Sticking your hand in your pants in the playground however…

  7. This once happened to me when i was watching a film at the cinemas.

    Imagine my embarrassment at being caught pushing one out to Driving Miss Daisy.

  8. ^^^ Mofo reincarnated?

  9. No doubting it sounds like him, PA. But why the name change?

  10. Slightly toned down version of Mofo, Mofo-Lite if you will, maybe lamebook have released him on the promise of not being so offensive?

  11. Only he can answer these questions, but will he? That is the question.

  12. Yes….. or no…. what was the question again?

    A wolf in sheeps clothing still has a massive set of fuck off teeth…. and a dogs cock.

  13. Yep, that’s him.

  14. I could just be impersonating him… Like how Dairylea pretends to be real cheese?

  15. Mmmm … cheese.

  16. Stinky, sticky cheese

  17. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    stinky sticky cheese? Ah you mean feta, that greek cheese they collect from the old guys you see sitting in squares all over the country.

  18. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    and its not him by the way…

  19. Not him that stinks?
    Cheese gives me cramps anyway

  20. What is everybody’s favourite cheese and why?

    Mine is Danish Blue because the blue veins running through it remind me of my pork sword… and the smell reminds me of my unwashed muck sprayer.

    Cheese makes me sweat.

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