Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Caught Redhanded

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  1. Why did she scream instead of just leaving the room? If he had he’s eyes closed, she could have avoided all the embarrassment. Mother fail…

  2. What color are their hands now?

  3. Aditya uses too many quotation marks.

  4. heythisisbrandon

    oilersfan June 28th, 2011 at 2:43 pm

    Aditya uses too many quotation marks.

    Actually, using quotes within quotes is perfectly acceptable. If I was quoting myself, quoting someone else, it would be like this:

    And I quote “”blah blah blah” is what my Mom said”, and I told her “go to hell!””

  5. What kind of name is Yi? Does that explain the embarrassment? I’m just sayin’.

  6. Quotes within quotes should be with apostrophes, it’s the correct way to punctuate and much more pleasing to the eye.

    So and so told me “My mom said ‘Don’t do that!'”

    Sorry, grammar nerd 🙂

  7. many years ago, when i mentioned i came close to being caught a few times, a old coworker of mine, told me this nugget of advice, “if you don’t think they caught you masterbating, they probably did.” I just assumed he was an idiot, after all, he was a Civil war re-enacting, wican, deadhead so what did he know. But once you get your head out of your ass and grow up, you realize its so true. My sister must have noticed me behind a desk drawer in my room with pornos flying up in the air into the corner that one day she peeked in, that stupid co-worker must be right.

    Anyhow if there’s any dumb kids in here who want to repeat that advice to their friends, feel free to copy and paste it , but don’t forget to put in lots of “likes” and maybe an “epic” or too and finish it off with “just sayin”

  8. CommentsAtLarge

    “If you don’t think they like totally busted you beatin’ it ’cause you were all epic about hiding that shit, they prolly did… jus sayin'”

  9. Dawn of the Dan

    Title should be “Caught Whitehanded.”

  10. @velocirrober – ‘Yi’is Yi’s name. What kind of name is velocirrober?

  11. the first one is a full-on rip off from fmylife.com… smh

  12. people need to grow up and accept the fact that people masturbate. And we need to keep the population down somehow.

  13. CommentsAtLarge great! Now you just need to write it in a moronic mixture of caps and lowercase and throw in a few spelling mistakes and you’re golden

  14. CommentsAtLarge

    I tried agenda, but I just couldn’t do it — hell, it was hard enough to say “prolly” instead of “probably”…

  15. CommentsAtLarge Points for trying though! That prolly actually does give you bonus points 😀

  16. I give him points for originality, at least he didn’t open his eyes and find a cup of tea sitting on his bedside table.

    Co incidently, a Thai chambermaid just walked into my hotel room while I was naked, as I’d just gotten out of the shower. I might have heard her if I wasn’t listening to my iPod and bellowing to Judas Priest’s “Leather Rebel”.

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