Wednesday, September 10, 2014

To the Cold…

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  1. what a fuckwad.

  2. No. Jack. Just no.

  3. I’m assuming he’s referring to the vitamins like vitamins C and E that are anti-oxidants, but I still can’t think of any vitamins that directly target viruses. In their case, given you were in a state of subclinical hypovitaminosis from a sh1t diet, you may improve your bodies ability to mop up free radicals, which tend to be formed when cells like neutrophils are activated as part of immune reaction. It won’t improve your bodies ability to fight off a virus, but you’ll probably feel marginally less sh1t during the fight. Of course if you already have optimal levels, at least in the case of vitamin C, which is water-soluble, you’re just going to have expensive urine. Expensive urine is the most predictable result of taking vitamin supplements.

  4. Like Stvr, Jack likes to lube his “vitamin D” orally before sticking it up his ass. Not sure how it helps with a cold.

  5. #3, I think he’s talking about his flintstones vitamins.

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