Wednesday, November 3, 2010

F’ed upville

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  1. I have to say I would be more upset if she killed her dog but thats my opinion i hate kids 🙂

  2. @101
    Hey look at that blonde, it looks like people are already jumping on the ‘I think killing infants is the right thing to do’ bandwagon.

  3. Well, never mind then, it seems like you’ll have some company, I’ll just let someone else have this seat! Maybe next time…Oh, hey, if you really wanted though you could start ANOTHER bandwagon…That’s always fun.

  4. I’m sorry that I laughed at #99 saxon, but I did.

    I do agree with one of mad2’s points: I hope that she gets real help for whatever condition she may be suffering from if that is the case, and not just stuck in jail to rot… or worse, let back out to potentially/eventually make the same mistake again. But, unfortunately she won’t get help because the system thrives only on having as many people in jail as possible, plain and simple.

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