Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Information Super Highway!

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  1. Youtube “clitter.”
    Could explain Ryan’s sparkly peen.

  2. I meant if she WAS pregnant and then had a “period” it would be a miscarriage… Shit you people do love to twist words don’t you.
    I mean it towards everyone referring to bleeding during a pregnancy as a “period”.
    It’s not a period..because if it was the literal meaning of what a period would be the uterine lining leaving the body…which WOULD be a miscarriage.

    It makes sense to me. I’m not saying every single period a woman has is a miscarriage…you have to be pregnant first to have a miscarriage. Dumbfucks.
    @38 you got the right idea…unlike the other 99% of the idiots here.

    Anyways… Having sex during your period and you have horrible cramps that aren’t a result of certain disorders….like endometriosis that cause super bad cramps whether there is sex or not.
    Having sex while on your period and having cramps…actually helps your cervix stop cramping up and open up.
    And..As for whomever said she does not get horny during her Time of the month.. I call bullshit.. You’re just too grossed out in yourself to admit it.

  3. @kritzo, if they were grossed out, wouldn’t that prevent said hornification, i know when i’m grossed out or feel gross i’m not usually walking tall

  4. No, not really. Do you know there have been studies done on it.
    Same as pregnant women being horny all the time.
    It isn’t just the hormonal imbalance…
    Our testosterone levels (You know the main factor in male’s sex drives?) are higher then normal.
    Yes we are all built differently…but the higher levels of testosterone is what causes the start of the period…so I would suspect to even a slight degree a females sex drive heightens when she begins her time of the month.

    So no it wouldn’t prevent them from being horny..they are just too grossed out in themselves to admit it.

  5. Oh good god someone shut kritzo up!
    Honestly, no-one is interested in your essay length rants.
    Everyone is different – some people don’t like period sex for many other reasons than it being “gross” or “self esteem”. And yes, some people don’t get horny whilst bleeding heavily and having crazy hormones. Hardly bullshit if you ask…well, anyone who isn’t you.

    And, btw, the only person here who is an idiot, as you so like to throw into all your rants, is yourself.

    Please stop using Lamebook as a place to make yourself feel important. You are not. You are a dick.

  6. kritzo:

    You need to stfu. Periods are uncomfortable, and any woman would agree with that statement. Sometimes just sitting down and doing nothing while you’re mensturating is uncomfortable. It’s understandable that some girls wouldn’t want to have sex during their period. It has nothing to do with self-esteem.

    You’re a stupid douche bag.

  7. How about you stfu you stupid bitch.
    I have KILLER cramps and am hardly able to move at the beginning of my period.
    IT IS PROVEN to help along cramps because it opens up the cervix.
    I see NO problem with it and would choose sex on a day of my period over any other day of the month.

    It IS a self esteem issue.
    You yourself just fucking proved it. DUMBASS.

    I never said periods were comfortable. Stupid.

    My statements were more aimed at the people going “Ew gross sex on the rag is so narsty” Or something along the lines of.
    You stupid fucking idiot.

  8. Looks like it’s somebodies time of the month…

  9. Not really you dumbass.
    But nice try. 😉

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