Monday, January 18, 2010

Check it out





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  1. First!

  2. number 1

  3. numero tres

  4. OMG! Look! It’s a suggestive captcha! OMG!


  5. Last 2 fail.

  6. haha I think it’s funny. This has never happened to me.

  7. The only actual funny one is the first because both words are truly innocent-sounding and it’s only that they’re put together so accidentally. The rest are lame.

  8. omg humping grandchildren

  9. Those can’t seriously be real… OMG. *aghast*

  10. Yeah I doubt the bottom two are real. The first two are pretty funny though.

  11. Kiwi……

    Did you change your name?…..

    i can still smell you

  12. It’s a trap.If you type “humping grandchildren” the FBI show up at your door

  13. I need my morning coffee. I thought Lamebook had some fancy new sign in security, and wa about to start typing in my supposed desire to chew on some mammary tissue.

  14. Good thing you didn’t go looking for any grandchildren…

  15. insert clever name here

    @mistaphill Isn’t everyone a grandchild? I mean even if you’re over 18 your grandparents don’t call you their grandadult. I guess whenever anyone humps, they’re humping a grandchild. Now there’s something to think about.

  16. I’ve had to do humping grandchildren at least two times, I never thought to send it here though. Yay, new Lamebook feature!

  17. I’ve had to do the humping grandchildren one before as well. I felt a smidge dirty, I must admit.

  18. @Jelly — I did too! I was trying to click into the text box to start typing and then I’m like, “Wait, this isn’t very useful if the words are already typed in for you.” So confusing. T.T

  19. Lol that’s happened to me too! Fb people having fun with their security.
    Scrota detergent made me chuckle 🙂

  20. You really are the village idiot, the two words are randomly selected, not chosen by Facebook staff.

  21. Facebook picks the list of words to choose from, though. So yes, they did pick somewhat…

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