Monday, January 18, 2010

Foul Photos




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  1. So did they previously DNA the human hair? It’s a little bit sexist to victimise the lads because it’s semen… ha ha ha

  2. lostintranslation

    The second one’s been floating around the interwebs for a while, and I’m pretty sure it’s a fake…

  3. 1 and 3 my eyes are burning!
    2. Dirty boys!

  4. The second one is fake – it’s got the website and contact details of one university (Durham) and the logo of another (Northampton).

  5. Holy crap to the amount of empty Beam bottles in the first photo…never mind the douche in the “shitty” costume…I’m wowed his liver still functions!! And good to see Sportacus knows how to keep the lads strapped down tight enough to avoid all the extra slappage that must occur with all those flippin star jumps.

  6. Thats called the shocker!

  7. @MM
    Just to clarify, im pretty sure those are jack daniel bottles (Y)
    oh and the third picture, um thats hot.

  8. He should’ve been a douche bag instead.

  9. In regards to post 3… I just threw up a little in my mouth.

    In regards to post 1.. though that guy looks like a super mega douche and possible rapist I must ponder.. did he make that costume himself? I can’t imagine anyone selling something so stupid but.. if he really sewed that shit up together himself.. I have to give him a little credit…. maybe.

  10. I see a SWAT raid and beat-down followed by a romantic stint in the state penitentiary in “Sportacus'” very near future

  11. I fully believe that the first guy made the costume himself. I also believe that he’s been with some horribly dirty women.

    If your pinky comes out like that… you make a quick excuse to wash your hands and then never (ever) go near it again…

    or hey, what about handling the situation like this: “Ya know what would be fun? Us showering together!… and maybe having a contest to see who can fit a bar of soap into their anus the fastest? Doesn’t that sound hot/sexy? Oh, my finger? No, no… don’t feel bad, that’s not why I mentioned the “contest”. In fact, I accidentally put my hand into the box of chocolates I got you for Valentine’s Day, that’s what this is… no, wait, don’t lick it off, that’s not hot, no, give me back my……………………………… we need to break up.”

  12. @2. yeah, this has been shopped, but i’m fairly sure this is a genuine durham uni letter. reason 1: i went there and this is the kind of thing estates and buildings spend their time doing, and 2: the showers were chock full of spunk for both years i lived in college.

  13. That poor little girl. Not right.

  14. @RenegadeBabe-
    Beam Black/Jacks…whatever, it’s irrelevent to the fact his poor liver probably looks more like a sultana than an internal organ!

  15. It’s Captain Tea-Bag, and his sidekick, Amelia Airjob!

  16. Hmmm…@ no. 2. So surely common sense would say that someone made this as a joke or to get at the guys who are jerking off in the shower…as if semen would build up and clog the showers!! What, solid setting semen?? I think not… and DNA testing on it? Whatever.

  17. pretty sure the semen one is a hoax — too ott, smells like a prank to me

  18. #2 is a fake. As you can see in the image, the pixels and dots around the text show that it’s been added in through paint or whatever other photo editing program exists

    This is the original:

    oh man I love my school <3

  19. lostintranslation

    @16: Agreed, hence my comment that it was fake (as in not a real announcement made by the University, but rather a prank notice made by someone with too much time on their hands).

  20. 1. there is a shocker costume. the only difference is the guy painted the pinky brown. also, i am pretty sure there is more than one guy drinking all of that alcohol. i am sure that is the result multiple parties and Ruphie Coladas

    2. semen has a coagulant, so in the presence of water, it balls up. in large quantities, i am pretty sure solid semen blockage would be a problem.

  21. Capt. Cameltoe and his sidekick Dinkie.

  22. lol at semen problem.

    last one is kinda disturbing

  23. The semen gets stuck in the hair that’s already trapped in the plug. So it doesn’t cause the problem per se but gee boy howdy it sure doesn’t make it any more pleasant.

  24. @sarayve: “semen has a coagulant, so in the presence of water, it balls up. in large quantities, i am pretty sure solid semen blockage would be a problem.”

    i mean really? what kinda quantities we talkin’ about? that’s some serious buckets of jizz, dude.

  25. i’m sorry. this is just too fucked up to even talk about. rampant masturbation causes shower blockage… unreal. i’m a scientist, but i cannot keep a straight face about this.

  26. lostintranslation

    @sarayve: True, semen does coagulate on contact with water (and other bodily fluids). However, semen from healthy males will generally liquefy ~30 minutes later, so unless it’s some sort of large group masturbating session there shouldn’t be any significant build-up, and if there were it would be short-lived.

    As a sidenote, I’ve clearly been thinking about this too deeply and have traumatised myself with the mental images. Must go lie down… 🙁

  27. To make it worse, the guy in the third picture is dressed up as a character from a children’s show, Lazy Town. It’s that show from that YouTube “Cooking by the Book/Lil Jon” mashup:

    Which is hilarious. That show sucks but my nephew loves it. Ugh.

  28. Pic 3

    Can only see the vegetables, can’t see the meat

  29. @28. WHAT? IT’S RIGHT THERE! Can’t believe you missed it wordpervert, it’s burned into my retina…. AHHHHHHHHHH. CAN’T. GET. IT. OUT… JUST. WANT. TO. STOP. SEEING. A. HELMET. WHENEVER. I. CLOSE. MY. EYES.

  30. And the top one, that’s just ordinary. Could only be worse if he took the ‘fucking disgusted’ joke literally.

  31. pic 1. ahh the shocker… jimmy carr ftw!!

  32. camel toe is an understatement…more like moose knuckle.

  33. @ awful

    I took another look, and you’re right
    And all I can say is that it takes a lotta balls to wear an outfit like that!!

  34. @mcowles

    You would have to be with a filthy woman to get faeces on your pinky? She’s dirty because you stuck your finger in her anus- where faeces exits the body- and got poo on your precious pinky?
    She’s dirty because you CHOSE to stick your finger into a fecal-canal? Actually, that makes YOU the filthy one…Here’s a radical idea- if you don’t like shit, don’t stick your finger in an arsehole.

  35. @T

    A little bit is fine… but he colored that pinky in like he shoved it into a jar of molasses.

    But you’re right… anuses are dirty… and you just have to be careful not to get any on the bed sheets.

    And my pinky IS precious!!!!

  36. I don’t understand the first picture…

  37. @blondie – it’s the shocker. don’t worry though, it was completely unfunny even knowing what it was right away.

  38. All I have to say is….

    Beam bottles. Definatly beam bottles….

  39. @ mcowles, the costume is clearly meant for laughs, but thanks anyway for sharing all of your ass fingering wisdom with us.

  40. I only registered for this website to say RoyalSkull FTW. As for mccowles, he can go back to apparently soiling his bedsheets.

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