Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Turn Up the Heat

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  1. hrm..

  2. I think Lamebook has become kind of underground popular and people are trying too hard to get onto it no?

  3. I don’t particularly like the PS3 and I still think this is lame.

  4. Was that supposed to be even remotely funny?

  5. Well…..that was the biggest load of shit I’ve ever read.

  6. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Wondered if I should read all that, saw the above comments, decided against it.

  7. I’m with ifitwerentformyhorse, TL; Don’t Give A F*ck

  8. this guy seriously has too much time on his hands if he not only thought of this as an answer, but had that much time to actually type it out.


  9. Well i thought it was pretty good. Xbox does kick ps3’s ass. It’s just a fact.

  10. Xbox ftw.

  11. lolworthy

  12. Will you god damned urchins ever stop clinging to this moronic console war?

  13. I don’t know the difference between any of those toys- not my thing.

    I can just picture Lucas: a sad, lonely, and pathetic guy living in his mom’s basement.

  14. Saffer – you regularly comment on an internet forum. I don’t think you’re in a position to disparage on other people’s social life.

  15. ^^ Oh ma gawd, you’re so right, the ten minutes anyone spends reading this site means they have no social life AT ALL. We’re all doomed I tells ya.

    Captain Sarcastic

  16. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Shut the fuck up vonmistelroum.

  17. OMG that was so hilarious! The hall of doors, how does the guy co me up with that? Really, this is sitcom material! Try reading it whilst playing pre-recorded laughter at random intervals and you’ll see!

    Awesome! A sitcom about 2 nerdy guys suffering from game-console envy, with a speaking PS3 as a fucktarded sidekick and guest appearances by the uber brilliant and witty xbox 360.


  18. Epic but not quite enough to make me give up my PS3.

  19. So not epic.

    That load of codswallop Lucas has written tells me he needs to get of his mother’s basement and get laid.

    Disparaging enough for you, vomitroom?

  20. I bet this guy wishes he was as cool as all the lamebook users above.

    It was funny.

  21. i dont get the ps3 vs xbox thing… cant we all just agree that the Wii sucks?

  22. Lucas is trying way too hard to be funny. Seriously, LB- could do without the ‘pun train’, ‘song lyric’ ‘hand joke’ and ‘douchebag trying really really hard to get on lamebook’ posts. On the plus side, the comments on the shitty posts are awesome. I’ve started coming here just to read what they (the commenters) have to say.

  23. ……and then two minutes after I post this, another hand joke goes up.

    Well played, Lamebook.

  24. CommentsAtLarge

    I’ve heard the “four letter” thing before, but Lucas sure brought his own spin to it. Dying of dysentery always makes me think of Oregon Trail.

  25. powerstanceyall

    i love my ps3

  26. So true. Omg very funny

  27. jesus give it a break they are both good consoles and also i like how hes give the ps3 shit for overheating when the 360 is notorious for overheating problems.

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